Walter Brown Bobbitt and Caroline Alice Ann Lemons Bobbitt


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Description: This, with the accompanying note posted next, and with a letter of some background, was sent to Walter Bobbitt, August 8, 1954 from Lucy Bobbitt Holding.   I am not sure which line she is in.   The paper the letter was written on was short, letterhead THE FRANKLIN POST, serving Franklin County, Franklinton, NC.  

Mr. W. B. Bobbitt
Radford, Va

Dear Mr. Bobbitt,
    It is my pleasure to send you an authentic copy of the Bobbitt arms.   It dates before the crusades.   There is no motto - another proof of it's antiquity - I, myself had it verified - It is the one and only authentic copy of the Bobbitt arms.   The ermine is a sign of royal blood.   The bars are for proven loyalty and bravery.   The plumes are for high birth -

    The chains are for union and strength in the clan. It's simplicity is such as are all very ancient arms. (a quote here) " The first record of the Bobbitts is Brittany-France - They drifted into Wales before coming to America in the early 1600s-   The name in the ancient times was Babattotte. When young Edouard Bobet came to America and settled in Mass, he was Bobet (pronounced Bob A (French) (Edouard is French for Eduard).
[there is no " to show where the end of the quote is! I think here]
The name is still in our line strongly - I have Edouard Bobet's line - his descendants drifted south into Va - then onto Granville County, North Carolina where we have records of my ancestors, the Bobets on the records of the Colonial Guards in 1754 and I have a copy of the land grant to a great-great grandfather in 1748 for Charles the Earl if Granville.   History says the name was changed because the colonists pronounced Bobet Bobbitt, so the spelling began of today in the late 1700's.  
This next paragraph is X's out but she still sent it!
Some day, I want to have the data I have printed.   Have spent quite a bit of time and money on Bobbitt history-   There are several gaps I want filled in so I can leave a wonderful story of a proud heritage to my descendants.

With very best wishes,
Lucy Bobbitt Holding.  

Then Sept 5, 1955:
Dear Mr. Bobbitt,
    Thank you for   you letter and family history.   Always interested. If I had the time and the money, I'd publish a real (underlined) history of the Bobbitts.   What I gave you was verified from the proper source in Washington, D.C.  
Always, my folks claimed to be of French origin (way back the Babtottes-Bobbitts- moved from Brittany-France to Wales. I wrote you how the name was changed -all old war records carry it Bobet. (written on down the side of the paper: have typed history of change und. ? )
(I'd wager your ancestors were the same and drifted into England)
My history really goes into the "dark ages".   The Bobbitt crest dates back before the Crusades.  
    You have many family names the same as ours- Rufus for one.   Your say your people lived (it seems she ran some ds together here) veryhbors to the Henrys in Va.   My Bobbitts claim the Patrick Henry line-   My grandfather was Patrick Henry Bobbitt-the great grandfather was Allen Henry Bobbitt or Henry Allen as he sometimes signed it.   My father was Henry Allen Bobbitt--- Henry played a big part in our history.  

Somewhere I've seen the Oregon Bobbitt reference.   If I come across it, I'll let you know.   If you don't mind, I'll keep the data you sent me for a while for reference.   Is the beginning of your family in America verified?   My coat of arms is the only verified Bobbitt arms.   I have a copy of a land grant in 1749 to an ancestor and also members of N.C. Colonial Guard in 1750.

    Thank you again for writing me.  
(Mrs.) Lucy Bobbitt Holding
Franklinton, N.C.

......there was no copy of anything Walter Bobbitt sent to her, and no copy of anything he wrote out about his family history.   I would like to find this!   Hope you enjoyed reading all this...Joanne Graham.  Posted By: Joanne Graham.  Owner: Walter Bobbitt Graham.


Owner: Walter Bobbitt Graham.  Posted By: Joanne Graham.  Album: Walter Brown Bobbitt-WVa


Description: Walter Brown Bobbitt is on the far right.   We are pretty sure this is the Floyd Preston Bobbitt family with Floyd and Sallie sitting in the front.   We think Mae is center, Forrest and Cary are next to her and Bert is next to them.   Would LOVE confirmation!.  Posted By: Joanne Graham.


Description: The earliest photo we have of Walter Bobbitt, there is no info on the back as to age or date. The photographer's name is on the back, Chas. E. Foster, Parlor Gallery, Photographer, Nevada, Mo.   On the back, it says NEGATIVES PRESERVED!!   I wonder if they could still exist somewhere.  Posted By: Joanne Graham. 


Walter_B_Bobbitt_1906_Wedding_Photo.  Posted By: Joanne Graham.


Description: I was told the lady on the left   is Aunt Mae, so this must be Walter's sister Mae with Caroline Lemons Bobbitt.  Posted By: Joanne Graham.


Description: Walter on the right, with his wife, Caroline,to his right (our left) and their foster daughter Esther in front.   I think Esther is about 8 here, so this is about 1931.   We don't   know the identity of the two women on the left, or where this was taken.  Posted By: Joanne Graham.


Description: Walter is second from the right, front row, his wife Caroline-called Carrie, is 4 rows back, 4th from the right.   Bert is 4th row back 2nd from the end with his wife Lizzie between him and Caroline.   We think Forrest and his wife Lucille are 3rd row back on the right.   We are hoping to find someone who can identify the others in this photo.  Posted By: Joanne Graham.  Date Taken: August 14-15, 1954.  Place Taken: Camp Caesar, Webster County, WVa. 


Description: 50th wedding anniversary professional photo.  Date Taken: October 27, 1956.  Place Taken: Radford Virginia.  Posted By: Joanne Graham.


Description: Photo of Walter Brown Bobbitt, taken for the newspaper article on his 50 years in the stone business, article in next two photos.  Date Taken: 1961.  Place Taken: Radford Limestone Corp, Radford, Va.  Posted By: Joanne Graham