Marsha Berry Research, July 2009

Marsha Berry initiates new research on The Bobbitt Family (Continued)


Eileen Sears and Nanette Averett under the direction of Marsha Berry and Dr. Amy Harris are continuing their research of the ancestors of Marsha Berry.  Much research has been carried out by Eileen and Nanette.  Here are their research logs.

Bobbett Research Log[1].pdf

Research Log 2[1].pdf

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Research Log 4.doc

Research Log 5.doc


At this time, July 17, 2009, there are six Wills of particular interest that have been found and transcribed.  The following quote by Marsha Berry...

"Announcing: The 1510 Will of Johannes Bobbett of Ipswich, Suffolk, England
is Marsha and Keith's 'Bobbett in Suffolk County, England' family.

John gave his brother Thomas Bobbett his land in Campesey from Lady
Campesey.   Campesey or Campesse, Campsey or Campsea Ash or Ashe
are names for the same place.

There is a William Bobbett who was a witness.

The 1510 Johannes Bobbett transcribed Will can be seen in this site's
File Cabinet.

Either Johannes or Thomas or William is the grandfather of William Bobbet
born before 1558.

Remember William Bobbet born before 1558's Uncle John Bobbet probated
2 Feb 1576/1577 Blaxhall Will says he gives his nephew Robert his house
and lands in Ashe or Campsea Ash and Marlforth.   Uncle John Bobbet is
following the wishes of his deceased brother for his brother's 2 sons.
As Robert's brother William has no land, he can have his brother Robert's
lands in Grundisburgh and Burgh if Robert gives it to him, if not, his Uncle
John will give William his lands in Ashe.   Robert gave up his land in
Grundisburgh and Burgh to his brother William.   That is why William and
Katheryn Bobbet's children John, Dorothie, and Alice Bobbet are born in

On Wednesday, 15 July 2009,
Marsha wrote Eileen Sears to obtain and transcribe these 2 Archdeaconry
of Suffolk Wills
in search of William born about 1558's father.  

These Wills are in Dr. Amy Harris's Bobbets in Suffolk County, England list,
Keith Bobbitt's Bobbitt Research Web Site,
Continuing Research,   Page One.

1. William Bobbett, Barham, 1554-1557

2. John Bobbet, Melton. 1540-1543

The Robard and Lionel Bobbett theories are getting less and less."


The Transcribed Bobbitt Wills of the 1500's In No Particular Order

Johannes Bobbett 1510

Johannes Bobet 1537

Cecelye Bobbett 1577

Thomas Bobbet 1576

Roger Bobbett 1521

Johannes Bobbett 1580