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This is an email history of the research of Chird Bobbitt's genealogy line by Marsha Berry, Eileen Sears, and Chird Bobbitt

The DNA Loci Designation DYS # and Y-Chromosome Allele results for Chird's line is...

Loci DYS 393 DYS 390 DYS 19 DYS 391 DYS 385a DYS 385b DYS 426 DYS 388 DYS 439 DYS 389-1 DYS 392 DYS 389-2
Allele 13 25 14 11 11 14 12 12 12 13 13 29
Results 13 25 14 11 11 14 ? ? 12 13 13 29

July 3, 2010

Email by Marsha Berry

Hello Chird, Eileen, and Keith,
Thank you for the hyperlink Chird.  And, for your ever alert eyes.  This is Peter Thruwits or Threewits Bobbitt born between 1811 and 1820 in Sussex County, Virginia, related to Marsha and Keith.
Keep looking Chird.  Your Peter Bobbitt came directly from Beccles, Suffolk, England and he was long enough in Bedford County, Virginia to marry his wife Elizabeth Evans in 1824 in Bedford County, Virginia, and they reportedly died young in either Virginia or Tennessee.  It is not known if a child or children were born and farmed out to another family.
And, did Peter and Elizabeth Bobbitt and Mr. [John] Bobbitt, surveyor, die together, killed by Indians, disease, etc.?
Fortunately, your direct line Mr. [John] Bobbitt, surveyor, had a wife Lodicia and children that descend directly to you.
Please have a safe 4th of July holiday.

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July 12, 2010

Email by Marsha Berry

Hello Chird,
You asked: This Catherine Evans is maybe related Elizabeth?
Answer:  Yes, Catherine Evans is Elizabeth's Aunt.
Catherine Evans is a sister of Anthony Evans.
Anthony Evans and Mary Bowyers are the parents of Elizabeth Evans who married Peter Bobbett.
Thank you for asking Chird.  

On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 7:05 AM, Chird <> wrote:
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Subject: Marriage Bonds, Surnames beginning with E


  • Feb. 23, 1761; Richard Doggett & Rhoda Evans, wd.; Ish. Talbot, Surety.
  • Sep. 2, 1788; John Bryan, Jr. & Catharine Evans; Married by James Mitchell.
  • Oct. 20, 1792; Anthony Evans & Mary Bowyers; Married by James Mitchell.
  • Feb. 24, 1800; Mark Evans & Tempy Bratcher; John Bratcher, Surety.
  • Aug. 1, 1804; John Evens & Patsy Reynolds, dt Nany; Jesse Edens, Surety; Married by George Rucker, Aug. 3, 1804.
  • Apr. 10, 1820; Anthony Evans, Jr. & Mary Ann Jones Chapman; Nathan Chapman, Surety; Married by William Leftwich, April 27, 1820.
  • Oct.___ 20, 1824; Peter Bobbett & Elizabeth Evans, dt Anthony; James Bunch, Surety.
  • Aug. 22, 1825; Henry H. Evans & Levany Reynolds; William Thomas, Surety.
  • Mar. 21, 1838; William Evans & Mary Jane Hoffman; John Hoffman, Surety; Married by Jacob D. Mitchell, March 21, 1838.
  • Apr. 2, 1841; Wingfield Wright & Angeline Elizabeth Evans, dt Anthony; Joseph W. Mays, Surety; Married by Z. E. Harrison, April 8, 1841.

July 12, 2010

Email by Marsha Berry

Hello Chird,
In your Monday, 12 July 2010, 2:58 PM email you asked: Could this Bobbitt have anything to do with Peter Bobbitt in DC?
Answer:  No, we have no proof Peter Bobbett ever was in Washington DC or Maryland and if he was ever there, it would only be a few days, not to settle.  As far as we know Peter Bobbett headed from England to Virginia.  Peter Bobbett may have been converted to be a Quaker when he lived in Virginia.  Peter Bobbett the Quaker in 1824 married Elizabeth Evans, a Quaker, the daughter of Anthony Evans, a Quaker, in Bedford County, Virginia.
Source:  Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. VI [Virginia]
The hyperlink William Bobbitt who reportedly moved to Baltimore County, Maryland and his descendancy are not related to you Chird.  John W. Bobbitt says this Bobbitt, Hill and Barber line goes back to William Bobbitt, Marsha and Keith's immigrant ancestor.  There is no connection with this line to Peter Bobbett the Quaker.
It was Mr. John Bobbitt the surveyor who came from England and only stayed long enough to obtain a job to survey in Washington DC and moved on to work and meet his wife Lodicia and have children in either north Alabama or somewhere along the Tennessee valley that ran diagonally across the state and southern Virginia as his surveyor job was in all of this area.  
On 20 June 2010 Marsha emailed all about two Randolph Bobbitts in Bedford County, Virginia.
One is Randolph Bobbett the Quaker who on 24 Dec 1792 married Nancy Mays in Bedford County, Virginia.  This is your line Chird.
Two is Randolph Bobbitt not a Quaker born 1772 and lived in Bedford County, Virginia and on 28 Mar 1815 married Rachel Phillips in Grayson County, Virginia and this family was in Pittsylvania, Virginia.  You are not related to this family Chird as this is Marsha's and Keith's lines.

On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 2:58 PM, Chird <> wrote:
It is likely that the William Bobbitt who moved to and lived in Baltimore County, Maryland was a son of William Bobbitt III
William Bobbitt Junior, III p. 648 Bobbitt Book
  b: abt 1702
  d: abt 1778
sp:Mary Hill ?  
      6-William Bobbitt  
   b: abt 1767
        d: 1818
      sp: Elizabeth Barber
         b: abt 1760
     6-Elizabeth Bobbitt ???
       b: abt 1769
    6-Randolph Bobbitt
       b: abt 1770

July 12, 2010
Email by Marsha Berry
Hello Chird,
You found Marsha's 3rd cousins 6 times removed Bobbitt cousins and Keith Bobbitt's 2nd cousins 5 times removed Bobbitt cousins in the 1810 US Amherst County, Virginia Census.
John Bobbitt and Uriah Bobbitt are brothers.
He went by Uriah Bobbitt but his full name is William Uriah Roderick Bobbitt born 13 Mar 1774 Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and he is Kathryn Beaudry's direct line. 
John Bobbitt born Mar 1785 Monroe, Amherst, Virginia, and he is Susan Grigg's direct line.
John Bobbitt married Permelia Hill on 8 Dec 1802 in Amherst County, Virginia.
Uriah Bobbitt married Mary or Polly Ally on 5 Oct 1811 in Amherst County, Virginia.  
Thank you Chird.

On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 3:38 PM, Chird wrote:

283  9    Bobbett        John
292  16   Bobbitt        Uriah

   July 17, 2010
Email by Marsha Berry
Hello Chird, plus Eileen and Keith,
Chird, as I was perusing the internet concerning your Bobbitt/Bobbett research, I came across your Bobbittville web site and saw your changes to your pedigree. 
It is my hope that Bobbitts will see your Bobbitt genealogy and you will have more connections. And, that Bobbitts will have Y-DNA tests to match your and your cousin's Y-DNA results.
It is not proven yet the Quaker Randolph Bobbett that married Nancy Mays in 1792 is or is not related to you Chird. 
AttentIon: This needs to be researched by all of us. 
Caution:  Please be sure you have the records for the Quaker Randolph Bobbett and not the other non-Quaker Randolph Bobbitt.
Note:  There are some web sites that mix Quaker and non-Quaker information, so be sure you are on a Quaker only web site, i.e., Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy in 6 volumes, volume 6 being Virginia, which is on ancestry.
Mr. John Bobbitt/Bobbett the Surveyor and his brother Peter Bobbett, Bobbett line came from England, maybe not together,
as Mr. John Bobbitt/Bobbett the Surveyor was married earlier than his brother Peter Bobbett in 1824 in Bedford County, Virginia. 
From 1792 to 1824 is quite a huge generations gap, too many to show a relationship between your Quaker converted Peter Bobbett and the Quaker Randolph Bobbett.  You might note it could be a possibility but not a proven.   
Chird, I noticed you used as your reference the John W. Bobbitt book "The Bobbitt Family in America" on page 540.  This concerns me as John W. Bobbitt has given confusing information and has made false assumptions and conclusions about the "cleaness" of the Quaker Randolph Bobbett in Bedford County, Virginia.
From The Quaker Corner:  Quaker Marriages by Jerry Richmond, Fidonet Genealogy Conference, 1995
"Members had to appear before the Monthly Meeting and publicly state their marriage intentions at two Monthly Meetings in a row,  Following the first appearance, a committee would be appointed to determine "the cleaness" of the individuals to marry.  If an impediment was found, the couple were not permitted to marry.
The actual marriage ceremony was solemnized by either a public or private meeting.  According to Discipline, the gathering together of at least 12 Friends was sufficient to constitute a legal Meeting.  One thus finds that document, peculiar to Quaker weddings, the marriage certificate signed by At Least 12 witnesses.  The signatures are usually arranged in 3 columns with the place of honor reserved for the fathers of the bride and groom at the top of the most upright column, immediately beneath the signatures of the groom and bride.
Impediments to Marriage:
Intended spouse was a non-member
Previous engagement to marry another individual
Moral turpitude which includes being already pregnant at the time contemplating marriage
Close relationship or 1st cousins forbidden to marry
Less than a year since the death of previous spouse. "
In John W. Bobbitt's book on his same page has mixed up 2 Randolph Bobbitts:  the Quaker Randolph Bobbett and a not a Quaker Randolph Bobbitt. 
I have previously emailed about the 2 Randolph Bobbitts.  My last email was 12 July 2010.  
The Not a Quaker Randolph Bobbitt was born in 1772 and lived in Bedford County, Virginia.  He married a Rachel Phillips on 28 Mar 1815 in Grayson County, Virginia.  This is the Pittsylvania line.
28 Feb 1791:  From Randolph Bobbitt of Pittsylvania County to John Baber of Campbell County.  Records book 2177
24 Dec 1792:  Randolph Bobbitt gives bond that he will keep up payment for his illegitimate child begotten on the body of Keziah Dickerson for eight years.
Important Note: 
This is the Bedford and Pittsylvania and Campbell Counties Randolph Bobbitt related to Marsha and Keith.
Important Note: 
Yes, the 24 Dec 1792 bond date of the non-Quaker Randolph Bobbittt is the same as the Quaker Monthly Meeting 24 Dec 1792 date that resulted in the "cleaness" of the Quaker Randolph Bobbett and the Quaker Nancy Mays, so the Quaker Randolph Bobbett cannot be the non-Quaker Randolph Bobbitt who had an illegitimate child with Keziah Dickerson, because Randolph Bobbett and Nancy Mays both had no moral turpitude and were married three days later on 27 Dec 1792.
Source:  The Quaker Corner:  Quaker Marriages by Jerry Richmond, Fidonet Genealogy Conference, 1995
The Quaker Randolph Bobbett:
On ancestry is:
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. VI [Virginia]. page 880
Bedford County, Virginia
1792, 12, 24.  Randolph & Nancy Mays.  Elijah Mays, Surety.  Consent of John Mays.  Married by John Ayers, Dec. 27, 1792.
On ancestry, in the Encyclopedia of American Quakers, Vol. VI [Virginia], there is No marriage between a Lucy Leftwich and a Bobbitt of any name or spelling.   
From Coming to America:  The Quakers by Sue Roe, copyrighted 2002:
When someone married into the family, they were a son or daughter or cousin and you cannot tell who was an inlaw by the Quaker records.  If you married outside of the Quaker religion, you were disowned.  Marriage was approved by the community. 
No Lucy Leftwich is connected to or married a William Bobbitt.   If a Quaker likes you, they can even give you land and Not be related and you Not a Quaker, as a William Leftwich deeded land to a William Bobbitt 26 Jan 1788 "out of love and affection I have for William Bobbitt." 
I have sent this information previously and am again.   
There are 2 Lucy Leftwich records:
1.  Lucy Leftwich born 1757 Bedford County, Virginia and died in Virginia or Kentucky
Augustine Leftwich family source:
Book, Mead Relations, Author:  A.M. Prichard, Published: Staunton, Virginia 1933, Page 130
Lucy Leftwich married Daniel Brown 4 Aug 1781 Bedford County, Virginia
Children of Lucy Leftwich and Daniel Brown were:
Elizabeth Brown born 26 Dec 1772 Bedford County, Virginia and married Benjamin Mead 29 Dec 1796 Bedford County, Virginia.  Benjamin Mead was born 14 Mar 1772 Bedford County, Virginia.
Shadrack Brown born 10 Mar 1779 Bedford County, Virginia
Lowden Brown
Nancy Brown
Note:  The Mead family went to Greenup County, Kentucky.
2.  Lucy Leftwich, the daughter of Thomas Leftwich [born 1740 Caroline County, Virginia] and Jane Gincey Stratton, was born 8 June 1788 Bedford County, Virginia
Source:  Marsha Witt research
Now there is a 3 Lucy Leftwich, a daughter of William Leftwich, record:
3. Lucy or Lucinda Leftwich married Samuel B. Rice
Marriages in Bedford County, Virginia
Source:  Encyclopedia of American Quakers, Vol. VI [Virginia]  page 983 and 984
1827, 8, 21.
Samuel B. & Lucinda W. Leftwich, dt. William.  Tho. L. Leftwich, Surety.  Married by James Mitchell,  May 22, 1827
Also, the exact matching Y-DNA alleles to your alleles in the USA and England you [Chird] emailed to all of us on 10 July 2010, is a big relative clue.
Eileen, did you perchance search information about the matching Y-DNA names in the Salt Lake City, Utah Family History Library?
Everyone, we can peruse the internet regarding this.
We have more to do to discover more about Chird's genealogy and we can do it. 
Eileen, when would you like to meet with me at my house to discuss the research?

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July 19, 2010
Email by Eileen Sears
Hi Chird, Marsha, and Keith;
Hope all of you are well.  If you have any trouble opening the attached documents - please let me know and I will resend them. 
Attachment 1...     Attachment 2...

July 19, 2010
Email by Marsha Berry
Hello Chird,
Would you have the pedigrees for the surnames listed in the American Alleles for Chird and the British Isles Alleles for Chird that are on the 2 jpeg you sent all of us on 12 July 2010?
Each of these surnames that match Chird's Bobbitt/Bobbett alleles means that somewhere there is a common ancestor.
Eileen Sears and I need all of us looking into the surnames on each of these jpeg and find out their locations and relatives.  
Thornton: USA
Adams: North Carolina
Tiger: Oklahoma
Whitehead:  England
Livingston: Scotland
Doherty: Ireland
King: Glasglow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Hopefully they are at some time in one or more of our places of Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia and Suffolk County, England. 
Just because Marsha's and Keith's Bobbitts are from North Carolina, do not hesitate to research Adams.  Also do the Tiger family from Oklahoma. And the Livingston and King from Scotland and the Doherty from Ireland.  Thanks everyone.
Marsha has just begun and yes Eileen, I refound the ones I had lost while on George's laptop computer when you were at my house this Monday, 19 July 2010 afternoon and I saved them on my own laptop: the Thornton and Adams surnames in Suffolk County, England.
James and Ann Thornton living in Suffolk County, England in the mid 1800's. 
Source:  Thornton Family Genforum
October 1751 marriage at Worlingworth, Suffolk County, England
Roberta Adams married Edward Harsant
Source:  Suffolk County, England Genforum
Note:  No father for Roberta was given, so Marsha is going to look further.  Roberta Adams Harsant was buried Dec 1791 in Tannington, Suffolk, England. 
Think outside of the box.  Thanks all.

July 20, 2010
Email by Eileen Sears
Hello to all -
I hope this now works . . .

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July 21, 2010
Email by Marsha Berry
Hello Chird, Eileen, and Keith,
For quite a while it has been bothering me that we cannot find Mr. John Bobbitt, the surveyor, in more records.  Mr. John Bobbitt, surveyor, and his name is John is in The Carroll County Tennessee History, by Turner, pages 52 and 53. 
Yes, he is surveying and not settllng down long in one place in Tennessee, but from about 1814 to 1820 he is in Alabama as 4 of his children are born in Alabama. 
The 7 children of Mr. John Bobbitt surveyor and Lodicia Bobbitt are:
1. Lively Bobbitt born about 1814 Alabama
2. Martha Ann Bobbitt born about 1816 Alabama
3. Edward G. Bobbitt born about 1818 Alabama
4. Emaline Bobbitt born about 1820 Alabama [1880 US Census, Craighead County, Arkansas, birth year 1820 and birth place Alabama]
5. Samuel P. Bobbitt about 1827 Tennessee
6. Moses L or Len Bobbitt born about 1828 Tennessee
7. Lodicia T. Bobbitt born about 1830 Tennessee [1880 US Census, Craighead County, Arkansas, birth 1830 and birth place Tennessee]
As Lively [male] Bobbitt has an unusual first name and Lively is a surname, Eileen is working on this.
As Emaline Bobbitt's husband is Devaney Weathers Burrow and he has a relative Reverend Reuben Burrow who was a Presbyterian circuit minister in Tennessee and there are circuit ministers he worked with and circuit ministers previous to Rev. Burrow's service, we should be working on the Burrow connection in regard to John and Lodicia Bobbitt and their family.
This Wednesday, 21 July 2010, as I was doing an internet search for "Bobbitt 1810 to 1820 Alabama" for 4 of the children of Mr. John Bobbitt and wife Lodicia that were born in Alabama, one John W. Bobbitt's book, The Bobbitt Family of America, page 398, view number 29, came up. 
Keith's or Chird's family?  Remember Keith's and Chird's Y-DNA are totally different and they are not related.  
"John Bobbitt and his family lived in Tennessee from 1808 until about 1817,"  quoting John W. Bobbitt's book."
Marsha says Alabama fits Chird's family and Tennessee fits Keith's family in John W. Bobbitt's book:
"We believe that his wife's people lived in Shelby County, Alabama and that John and his family moved back and forth between Shelby County, Alabama and Rutherford County, Tennessee."
Note:  According to John W. Bobbitt's book, Nancy Huse or Hughes was born in Kentucky.  John W. Bobbitt is trying to make his genealogy fit that John Bobbitt and Nancy Huse or Hughes met in Alabama and their children were born in Tennessee and Alabama in his book to make this family was in both the 1820 Rutherford County, Tennessee census and 1820 Shelby County, Alabama census.
Note:  As deep as Shelby County, Alabama is in Alabama, and the distance to Rutherford County, Tennessee in the middle of Tennessee does not make this likely of moving back and forth as stated in the John W. Bobbitt book.
The statement in John W. Bobbitt's book that really stood out and yelled at Marsha is that you can not be in 2 states at the same time:
"John and his family were counted in the 1820 census of Alabama, and also in the 1820 census of Rutherford County, Tennessee."
Quote the John W. Bobbitt book:
"This is the 1820 census from Shelby County, Tennessee.
John Bobbitt
3 males under 21 [1799-1820]
2 males over 21 [before 1799]
4 females under 21 [1799-1820]
1 female over 21 [before 1799]"
Marsha found the
Shelby County Alabama Census 1820 web site:
Name:  Bobitt, John
2 [1] White males over 21 years
3 [2] White males under 21 years
1 [3] White females over 21 years
4 [4] White females under 21 years
10 [5] total white population
0 [6] total of free people of color
0 [7] total of slaves
10 [8] total of inhabitants
Note:  There are more people in the house than the family we are familiar as all are counted and they could be family members we do not know of or neighbors or friends but that is ok for now.
As only the head of household name is given, of course this is good theory, but this would better fit Chird's family with Lodicia being born in Alabama and 4 of her children being born in Alabama.
The 3 children born in Alabama fit Chird's family and not Keith's John P. Bobbitt and Nancy Huse or Hughes in John W. Bobbitt's book:
"Three of the children of John and Nancy Bobbitt were born in Alabama."
This is Keith's John P. or Person Bobbitt and his wife Nancy Huse or Hughes and their 10 children:
1. Jeremiah Bobbitt born 1809 Tennessee
2. Harrison Bobbitt born 20 Apr 1810 Tennessee
3. Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt born 21 Apr 1811 Tennessee
4. Nicholas Bobbitt born 1815 Tennessee
5. Elizabeth Polly Bobbitt born 15 Mar 1816 Rutherford County, Tennessee
6. John Hughes Bobbitt born 3 Jun 1818 Warren County, North Carolina acccording to Keith
7. Mourning Bobbitt born 1820 Shelby County, Alabama?
8. Martha Bobbitt born 1823 Alabama?
9. James Bobbitt born 1824 Rutherford County, Tennessee
10. William Bobbitt born 1829 Rutherford County, Tennessee
Note: John Hughes Bobbitt is Keith's direct line. 
Question:  How can Keith's family be both in the 1820 US Census in Rutherford County, Tennessee and in the 1820 US Census in Shelby County, Alabama the same year and most likely close to the same week or the same time as the John W. Bobbitt book states?   These have to be 2 different Bobbitt families.
Marsha believes it is a strong possibility we have found a record for our ellusive Mr. John Bobbitt, surveyor, in the 1820 US Census in Shelby County, Alabama.  Marsha wishes the 1820 Census gave the names of all of the household so we would know for sure this is Chird's Bobbitt family, but that was not done in 1820.
It is a good possibility Mr. John Bobbitt came from Beccles, England to America and to Washington DC and was employed a surveyor and was in Alabama and met Lodicia and lived and surveyed there and had 4 of his children and lived in 1820 in Shelby County, Alabama as in the 1820 US Census and traveled and surveyed in Tennessee and he and Lodicia had their other 3 children and built a house in Pond Branch, Tennessee according to the Carroll County, Tennessee History by Turner pages 52 and 53 and died just before the 1830 census was taken, leaving Lodicia a widow in the 1830 US Carroll County, Tennessee Census.
What do all of you think? 

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July 22, 2010
Email by Marsha Berry
Hello Keith, Chird, and Eileen,
It is genealogy which would keep one up until 4 am as you are very dedicated and are always
my/our support Keith of which I am very grateful and I hope you got your sleep.
Keith, I am so glad you brought up your gut feeling your John P. or Person Bobbitt may never had been in Alabama and that it would make no sense your John P. Bobbitt would go the direction of Alabama.
And, that Chird's John the surveyor Bobbitt was mixed up in John W. Bobbitt's Book with your John P. Bobbitt because your John P. Bobbitt would not be in two 1820 US Census in 2 different states:  Alabama and Tennessee.
I have found if I look in John W. Bobbitt's book on your Bobbitt internet web site, the information is there as a reference and then separate out family that does not belong on a page.  Marsha knows that with a person John W. Bobbitt added that does not belong to Marsha's family of her Isham Drury Bobbitt and now Chird's Bobbitt research. Please note Marsha did know of the existence of John W. Bobbitt's book until a few years after Marsha came on the internet.
We now know where in Alabama Chird's John the surveyor Bobbitt very most likely was in 1820: Shelby County, Alabama.  John Bobitt is the only Bobbitt in the 1820 US Shelby County, Alabama Census.
It is thanks to a man that stopped part of the 1820 census records of Shelby County, Alabama from being destroyed by a county clerk who threw the 1820 census and early marriage records in the trash and was able to rescue part of the 1820 Shelby County, Alabama Census, we have part of the 1820 census record.  Other old census and other records in Shelby County are not so fortunate and I feel badly for people researching.  
Note:  Chird you are so blessed to know John Bobitt in the Shelby County, Alabama 1820 US Census is very most likely your Mr. John the surveyor Bobbitt and Keith you know the 1820 US Shelby County, Alabama Census is not your John P. or Person Bobbitt.
Another thing I figure Keith, is all of your John P. or Person Bobbitt and wife Nancy Huse or Hughes Bobbitt's children were born in Tennessee.  And, my information in my previous Wednesday 21 July 2010 email concerning your John P. and Nancy Bobbitt family was taken off of your rootsweb tree and your source was Marvin Beatty.  
I know who Marvin Beatty is and it has been a long time since we last communicated, as not only is his wife Billie a Bobbitt but Marvin's Beatty line is related by marriage to my Kays line. 
Marsha's 4th great grandfather William A. Kays born 30 Apr 1781 in Fayette County, Pennsylvana and died March 1865 in Putnam County, Illinois married Jane Beatty, daughter of Joseph Beatty, Jane born 23 Dec 1774 in Pennsylvania and died 24 Apr 1854 in Putnam County, Illinois.
Marsha's 3rd great grandfather Henry B. Kays born 13 Feb 1815 Kentucky and died 13 Feb 1878 Magnolia, Putnam, Illinois married Rachel E. Reed born 12 Feb 1820 Kentucky and died 29 Jan 1884 Magnolia, Putnam, Illinois.
Marsha's 2nd great grandmother Jane Kays married my 2nd great grandfather William W. Bobbitt, son of isham Drury Bobbitt Junior and Cynthia Ann Haggard.
Marsha's great grandmother is Ida Belle Bobbitt.  Please note my Bobbitt Book "The Bobbitt Family of Putnam County, Illinois with Bobbet ancestors from Suffolk County, England," which you all have a copy. 

On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 2:52 AM, Keith Bobbitt wrote:
Hello All,
Marsha, I'm glad you found this.  I didn't want to mention it because I had no proof and to this day I still have no proof.  I think we have another mixing of families in John W. Bobbitt's book.  I know nothing about Mr. John Bobbitt the surveyor.  I was only interested in John P. Bobbitt and his travels. 
The time period of John P.'s travels from North Carolina until he finally settled in Orange County, Indiana is a bit of a blur.  The only source I have is John W. Bobbitt's book.  I have no other sources.  I think John W. put that story line together as best he could but I don't think it's correct. 
I even have a gut feeling that John P. Bobbitt may never have been in Alabama.  John W.'s story that puts him in Alabama just doesn't make sense.  As best as I can figure, the travel route was from North Carolina to Tennessee.  From Tennessee, John P. Would have turned North and or South but would not have gone both directions.  I think he turned north into Kentucky and then travelled further north into Indiana.  In later years, my great grandfather Henry Bobbitt travelled from Indiana back south to Kentucky.  The travel routes in western Indiana and Western Kentucky was more north and south.  The idea of moving into Alabama, in my opinion, just doesn't hold water. 
Another fact that can not be correct is this...
"6.  John Hughes Bobbitt born 3 Jun 1818 Warren County, North Carolina acccording to Keith"
Marvin Beatty must have had this same info and that's probably why I kept it.  Marvin was a genealogist who lived in Orange County, Indiana.  His wife Billie was a Bobbitt and that sparked his interest in researching the Bobbitt family.  Marvin knew everything and everybody that ever lived in Orange County but I'm sure North Carolina was not the birthplace of John Hughes Bobbitt.   
Two other doubtful facts...
"7. Mourning Bobbitt born 1820 Shelby County, Alabama?
8. Martha Bobbitt born 1823 Alabama?"
I don't think Alabama was the birthplace for these two children.
Well, it is now 4 A.M. And I've had no sleep yet.  It's time to say goodnight.  Please keep me informed about this.  It's very interesting.

July 22, 2010
Email by Marsha Berry
Hello everyone,
I want to clarify what I meant to say in my Thursday, 22 July 2010, 7:57 am email.
Please note Marsha did not know of the existence of John W. Bobbitt's book until after a few years Marsha had been on the internet.

July 23, 2010
Email by Marsha Berry
Hello Chird, Eileen, and Keith,
There is a connection between John Bobitt [our proposed husband of Lodicia] and Jessie J. Evans in the 1820 Shelby County, Alabama Census.  As of today, Friday, 23 July 2010, Marsha has not completed her research so it is not known how Joshua Evans is connected even though his residence is beside Jessie J. Evans.  And, Marsha needs yet to check on Charles Brown and John H. Brown.
Yesterday, Thursday, 22 July 2010, as Marsha's husband George was in Provo for grocery shopping at the BYU Creamery on Ninth for the best meats and dairy products and homemade bakery goodies, Marsha sent her husband to the BYU Library as the book is available to make copies of pages for Marsha.  This book is in the order the 1820 census was taken.
BYU Library Call Number:
[1] White males over 21 years
[2] White males under 21 years
[3] White female over 21 years
[4] White females under 21 years
[5] Total of white population
[6] Total of free people of color
[7] Total of slaves
[8] Total of inhabitants
Page 176
Evans, Joshua    [1] 2. [2] 3. [3] 1. [4] 2. [5] 8, [6] 0, [7] 2. [8] 10
Evans, Jesse J.  [1] 1, [2] 3, [3] 1, [4] 2, [5] 9, [6] 0, [7] 0, [8] 9
Brown, John H.
Bailey, James
Overton, David
Poe, Clayborn
Mason, Job
Hutchens, David
Johnson, John
Philips, William
Marr, John
Rowan, William Sr
Rowan, William
Goldsby, Isaac
Hughs, George
Bobitt, John      [1] 2, [2] 3, [3] 1, [4] 4, [5] 10, [6] 0, [7] 0, [8] 10
Alabama Census Returns 1820
An Abstract of Federal Census of Alabama 1830
Edited by Marie Bankhead Owen
Reprinted from The Alabama Historical Quarterly
Volume 6, Number 3, 1944
Genealogical Publishing Company
Page 176
As Marsha was perusing the internet, she needed to separate facts from all of the various versions of Jessie J. Evans information.
As Marsha needs to be sure which are the actual parents, for now the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Evans with lineage from England
1.  Anthony Evans [Quaker] born about 1777 in Virginia and married Mary Bowyers 20 Oct 1792 in Bedford County, Virginia.  Remember Anthony Evans is the father of Elizabeth Evans who married Peter Bobbett, the brother of John Bobitt who is in our 1820 Census above.
Note:  Do not let the different spellings of Bobitt bother you as they are the same family.
2.  Jesse J. Evans [not a Quaker] born about 1784 in Virginia and married Elizabeth 1802 in Virginia.  Jesse died in 1838 in Shelby County, Alabama and Elizabeth died in 1830 in Shelby County, Alabama
Note:  Jessie J. Evans is not a Quaker, so we can conclude Anthony is a convert.
As in Utah this is a Utah Holiday weekend, we are celebrating the 24th of July Pioneer Day, Days of '47 [1847], so Marsha will be back to researching after the weekend.

July 31, 2010
Email by Marsha Berry
Hello Chird,
Thank you for finding my and Keith's Sarah Elizabeth Butler Bobbitt's burial site in the Oak Grove Cemetery, Carroll County, Tennessee. 
James Bobbitt, the son of William Bobbitt and Susannah or Suki James, was born 1786 in Warren County, North Carolina and on 31 May 1853 in Carroll County, Tennessee married his 3rd wife Sarah Elizabeth Butler, the daughter of Thomas Elias Butler and Sarah Elizabeth Starke, who was born 1 Sep 1804 Montgomery County, North Carolina and died 9 Nov 1881 in Carroll County, Tennessee.
Sarah is in the 1860 US Census, District 18, Carroll County, Tennessee
Sarah Bobbitt age 54 born about 1806 North Carolina
Post Office: Buena Vista
Sarah Boyd age 16 born about 1844 Tennessee
Robert Boyd age 15 born about 1845 Tennessee
James Bobbitt age 72 born about 1788 North Carolina
Sarah was previously married 21 Feb 1822 in Carroll County, Tennesse to Thomas R. Boyd and the 2 children in the census are their children 10 and 11.
Thank you again Chird. 
On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 10:31 AM, Chird wrote:
Spouse of James Bobbitt, one of your relatives in same area as Bobbitt surveyor
The Butlers, her maiden name mention in paragraph below Surveyor Bobbitt in History of Carroll Co., TN

August 2, 2010
Email by Marsha Berry
Hello Chird, Keith, and Eileen,
Chird, have you heard of or have been in contact with these year 1998 and year 2000 Lodicia Bobbitt researchers?
They are in the Bobbitt Family Genealogy GenForum.  I typed in Lodicia and got these search results.
In the year 1998 looking for the husband of Lodicia Bobbitt is
Ron Bobbitt or ronbobb@?????.net
In the year 2000 looking for Lodicia and son Edward G. Bobbitt born about 1818 is
J. Stacy or stacy8227@?????.com
I have no idea if these email address are still active or not.  
Chird, will you please check to see if these 2 people are still around? 
If you make contact, please ask them if they have found any information about Lodicia Bobbitt and her husband.
Let them know that Marsha, Eileen, Keith and you are currently researching your Bobbitt line which includes Lodicia and her husband.
Also Marsha, Eileen, Keith and you believe we have found Lodicia's husband, a surveryor in Pond Branch, Carroll County, Tennessee, a John Bobbitt in The History of Carroll County, Tennnesee, by Turner, pages 52 and 53 on google books.
Thank you Chird.

August 18, 2010
Email by Marsha Berry
Hello Chird, Eileen, and Keith,
My husband George and I had a wonderful 3-day 45th wedding anniversary celebration with our daughter Camille and our 2 oldest of our 4 grandsons, Alexander age 16 and Adrian age 14, here in Utah from 12 to 14 August 2010.  We are glad Eileen Sears came to our house to celebrate. Thank you Eileen.  And thank you all for the good wishes.
Today, Wednesday, 18 August 2010, on the old web site Marsha believes she has found our John Bobbett, the surveyor, Lodicia Bobbitt's husband.
Individual Record
John Bobbett
Christening:  about 1795 Of, Beccles, Suffolk, England
No spouse
Relative:  Maud Page Butterfield in April and June 1970 Salt Lake City Utah
Film Number:  538363
Page Number:  7
Reference Number: 97747
Note:  This John Bobbett born about 1795 Beccles, Suffolk, England is an ancestor of Maud Page Butterfield.
Marsha did a telephone and address search for Maud Page Butterfield.
Nothing.  There was a 2009 M. Butterfield in Riverton, Utah but that telephone number was disconnected.
Other M. Butterfield's were 96 or 99 years old.
On there was a Social Security Death Index record for Maud Butterfield birth date 3 April 1890 and death date Feb 1974 Zip Code 84065 Salt Lake County which includes Riverton.
On the web site Norfolk Record Office online catalogue - NROCAT   
there is a probate:
web site:
Land mail address: 
Norfolk Record Office
The Archive Centre
Martineau Lane
Norfolk NR1  2 DQ
Bobbett, William, of Beccles, Suffolk
NCC, administrative bonds, 1829-1831, no. 191
email address:
Eileen, please order William Bobbett of Beccles, Suffolk, England's probate, transcribe it and see if William Bobbett mentions a son or relative John Bobbett or of John Bobbett or any other clue.  John Bobbett would have been in the US and by 1829-1831, John would have passed away making his wife Lodicia a widow in the 1830 US Census, Carroll County, Tennessee.  Thank you Eileen. 
Eileen, we need to meet together at my house.  When would be a good day and time for you?  I would like to give you the papers that go along with this email.  My days are open except for next Wednesday morning. 

August 20, 2010
Email by Marsha Berry
Hello Chird, Eileen, and Keith,
Thank you Chird for the photo of Maud Page Butterfield's grave in Riverton, Utah and other information.
On Maud Page Butterfield's Page line, Maud's mother's Frankland line goes to the Brooks line and then to the Bobbett line and all of her mother's lines are from Beccles, Suffolk, England.
On the new family search, Maud Page Butterfield has an error of making our John Bobbett born about 1795 Of Beccles, Suffolk, England the husband of her Mary Ann or Marianne Brooks Of Beccles, Suffolk, England.  Maud has no genealogy notes to prove it was a John Bobbett. 
Maud has that Mary Ann or Marianne Brooks had a son James Bobbett born 23 Feb 1821 and a daughter Hellen Harriot Bobbet born 12 June 1825 in Beccles, Suffolk, England.
On the old familysearch there is an extracted record for
Mary Brooks birth 4 Sep 1792 and christening 11 Sep 1792 Independent, Beccles, Suffolk, England
Father:  Robert Brooks 
Mother:  Susan
Batch No.:  C078212
Sheet: 00
Dates:  1773-1803
Source Call No. 0825399 Film
In the old familysearch which has the extracted Beccles, Suffolk, England marriages,  there is no extracted marriage from 1790 to 1830 for a John or James Bobbett marrying a Mary or Mary Ann or Marianne or any Brooks, from 1790 to 1830.
Marsha's found:
1.  James Bobbett was married to Mary Edwards 15 Apr 1819 Beccles, Suffolk, England
Marriages to Edwards Spouses in Suffolk
 John Bobbett born about 1795 Beccles, Suffolk, England Is Chird's John the surveyor Bobbett who married Lodicia in the USA. 
More later.  Eileen and Marsha meet Friday, 20 August 2010 at 1 PM at Marsha's house.

August 20, 2010
Email by Marsha Berry
Hello Chird, Eileen, and Keith,
Thank you Eileen for coming over to my house at 1 PM Friday, 20 August 2010 to discuss our Bobbett research for Chird.  This is our report.
Eileen will persue 3 Bobbett's: 2 in Beccles, Suffolk, England and 1 in nearby Bungay, Suffolk, England:
1.  Eileen has emailed the Norfolk Record Office online catalogue, to order a copy of the Norwich Consistory Court Probate Records, Administrative Bonds, for the William Bobbett of Beccles, Suffolk, England 1829-1831 Probate, no. 191
2.  Eileen will persue the John Bobbett of Bungay, Suffolk, England Probate
3.  Eileen will persue Elizabeth Bobbett born Sep 1768 Beccles, Suffolk who married John Mayhew 19 June 1791 Suffolk.  John Mayhew was born Nov 1762 Bungay, Suffolk and died 1 Nov 1855 Northgate Street, Beccles, Suffolk
Thank you Eileen.
We know those above are relatives to our John Bobbett born about 1790-1795 Of Beccles, Suffolk, England who is our John Bobbett the surveyor who married Lodicia.  It is our hope our John Bobbett the surveyor in Tennessee is mentioned or there is a clue in one of these Beccles or Bungay records.
Keith and Eileen, remember my William Bobbet born about 1558 and his brother Robert Bobbet were in the 28 June 1576/1577 Will of their uncle John Bobbet of Blaxhall, Suffolk, England because the boys's father died in 1559 and uncle John raised his 2 nephews.   
Marsha in thinking after Eileen and I had our meeting, in the 1500's to 1900's All Bobbett and Variations National Burial Index in England and Wales, there are many Bungay and Beccles Bobbett on pages 10 to 14, so we can persue these after the 3 above.

Attachment 1...

August 21, 2010
Email by Marsha Berry
Hello Chird,
This is not an age listing as it is an index listing for the John Cardwell 1715-1795 family genealogy index numbers 13 and 18.
1830 US Census, Carroll County, Tennessee
The widow Disa Bobbitt with her children
1830 US Census, Maury County, Tennessee
Simpson Bobbitt with his wife and children
Note:  The Cardwell genealogy attached Simpson Bobbitt as the husband of Disa Bobbitt which the 1830 US Census proves incorrect.

On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 8:53 PM, Chird wrote:
Disa · 18
Edward · 18
Edward G. · 13, 18
Elizabeth · 13
Elizabeth E. · 18
George W. · 13
John J. · 13
Lodicia · 13
Samuel P. · 13
Simpson · 13

August 22, 2010
Email by Marsha Berry
Hello Chird, Eileen, and Keith,
Thanks to an error in her genealogy, Maud Page Butterfield is still giving us clues to Chird's John, the surveyor, Bobbett in Beccles, Suffolk, England birth/baptism/christening date.
Using Maud's information plus the 1500's to 1900's All Bobbet and Variations National Burial Index England and Wales, Beccles and Bungay, Suffolk, England, pages 10 to 14,
John, the surveyor, Bobbett was not born about 1795 in Beccles, Suffolk, England, as in Maud's genealogy,
But was born about 15 years earlier, about 1780 or a little earlier in Beccles or Bungay or a nearby town, closer to Lodicia Bobbitt's birth date of 1780. 
Source for Lodicia's birth date of 1780 is in the 1860 US Census in Big Creek, Craighead, Arkansas where Lodicia declared she was 80 years old.
Chird, I hope you know what great finds all of this is.
Maud Page Butterfield does not have a John Bobbett born about 1795 in Beccles or nearby 4 to 5 miles Bungay, Suffolk, England, but has a John Bobbett Brooks.  It is unclear why the Bobbett as a middle name is in everyone's name in the 1851 England Census. 
According to the 1851 England Census, Maud Page Butterfield's family is John Bobbett Brooks age 62 born about 1789 Beccles, Suffolk, England
his wife Mary Ann Bobbett Brooks age 56 born about 1795 Norwich, Norfolk, England
their granddaughter Ellen Bobbett Brooks age 3 born 1848 Crostwick, Norfolk, England
Source:  ancestry 1851 England Census
I am terrible at hyperlinks.  Go to
It is The Foxearth and District Local History Society. Then scroll down to The Streets of Beccles, Click on Blyburgate
1787 Beccles Manor Court, Father:  John Brooks, the younger, the hairdresser, 1751-1808
1809 Beccles Manor Court, Mother:  Susan Brooks, widow of John Brooks the hairdresser,  1751-1826
1827 Beccles Manor Court, Son:  John Bobbett Brooks, upholsterer, under Susan Brooks' Will, Tent in Sheepgate
Note:  The above is Maud Page Butterfield's Brooks with a Bobbett middle name genealogy.  Chird has the web site link on his site, so please keep it there Chird because as of now we do not know the why of the Bobbett middle name.
Note:  Back to Chird's genealogy:
As stated above, Chird, your John, the surveyor, Bobbett was not born about 1795 in Beccles, Suffolk, England, 
but was born 15 years or more earlier,
born about 1780 or a little earlier in Beccles, Suffolk, England, 
closer to Lodicia's 1780 birth date. 
Eileen, please go to the Salt Lake City, Utah Family History Library and look for not only a John Bobbett but other male and female Bobbetts [various spellings] in Beccles and nearby towns, Suffolk, England from 1700 to 1790 births/baptisms/christenings and marriages.  We need to look for parents and children.
In the Salt Lake City, Utah Family History Library card catalog is:
Title:  Beccles, St. Michaels
Authors:  Suffolk Family History Society
Note:  Only available if you are using a computer in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, you can use the database byclicking on the card catalog
Notes:  Parish registers:  baptisms 1586-1865, burials 1586-1833, marriages 1586-1900
Subjects:  England, Suffolk, Beccles - Church records
Call Number:  CD-ROM no. 3556
Location:  Computer BRITISH Desktop
Publication:  Suffolk [England]:  Suffolk Family History Society, c2005
There are marriages from 1586-1837 in the Family History Library Card Catalog.
Title:  Parish register transcripts, 1586-1837
Authors:  Church of England, St. Michael's Church [Beccles] [Main Author], Joan Philips [added author]
Notes:  Microfilm of miss. at the Suffolk County Record Office, Ipswich, edited by Joan Philips, Marriages 1586-1837
Subjects:  England, Suffolk, Beccles - Church records
Format:  Manuscript [on film]
Publication:  Salt Lake City, Utah: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1978
Physical:  on 1 microfilm reel - 35 min.
Below are Bobbetts who are buried close to the about 1780 birth of Chird's John, the surveyor, Bobbett in Beccles, Suffolk, England. 
Question:  How are each of these Bobbetts who are buried from 1783 to 1821 in Bungay and Beccles related to Chird's John the surveyor Bobbett?  This is what we are persuing.
Source:  1500's to 1900's All Bobbitt and Variations National Burial Index England and Wales, Beccles and Bungay, Suffolk, England, pages 10 to 14:
5 July 1789 Ann Bobbett 10m Bungay Saint Mary
4 Sep 1790 Ann Bobbitt 74 Bungay Saint Mary
21 Dec 1790 John Bobbitt 71 Bungay Saint Mary - born 1719 - verified this John Is Not Chird's John Bobbett the surveyor
28 Sep 1793 Maria Bobbitt 6m Bungay Saint Mary
3 Aug 1794 Sophy Bobbitt 8m Bungay Saint Mary
18 Aug 1797 William Bobbitt 6m Bungay Saint Mary
29 Apr 1821 John Bobbit 69 Bungay Saint Mary - born 1792 - verified this John Is Not Chird's John Bobbett the surveyor
16 Oct 1783 Martha Bobbet Beccles Saint Michael
11 June 1789 Gilbert Bobbett 27 Beccles Saint Mary
7 Nov 1791 Ann Bobbet 72 Beccles Saint Michael
9 June 1799 George Bobbet 7 Beccles Saint Michael
5 June 1802 Peter Bobbitt 82 Beccles Saint Michael - is our possible father of our Peter Bobbett in Virginia  
4 Dec 1813 Ezra Bobbet 83 Beccles Saint Michael
Note:  There are more Bobbetts in Beccles and Bungay, Suffolk, England on the attachment 1500's to 1900's All Bobbet and Variations National Burial Index England and Wales pdf, pages 10 to 14.  Please read and study this.
Eileen, we need to check for Probates for these Beccles and Bungay, and nearby Bobbetts.
Our goal:
This is when I wish we had all of these Bobbetts in family group records.  A family group record is father, mother and their children and dates and places.  We are working on this so as we can put together family group records.
There is a lot to do everyone and I appreciate everyone's help in this regard.

Attachment 1...

August 26, 2010
Email by Marsha Berry
Hello Chird, Eileen, and Keith,
Chird, thank you for your 4 emails of Wednesday, 25 August 2010.  I appreciate your help and sharing. 
Rose M. Spencer of Pine Bluff, Arkansas in her Pedigree Resource File submission on FamilySearch is not correct that Edward or Ned Bobbitt born about 1818 in Tennessee is the son of Arthur Bobbitt and Lodicia or Dicey Duke.  Rose M. Spencer has 'adopted' the Arthur Bobbitt and Lodicia or Dicey Duke genealogy and this does not work.
As Keith Bobbitt states on his The Bobbitt Family Around the World: "We can not 'adopt' other people's Paper Trails.  If you have adopted another person's Paper Trail, in all likelihood, your trail is false."
Remember, the History of Carroll County, Tennessee, by Turner, pages 52:  Mr. Bobbitt surveyor Pond Branch, page 53:  John Bobbitt built house Pond Branch.
On ancestry and rootsweb are several descendants of the Arthur Bobbitt and Dicey Duke line with excellent sources such as census and family records.  On rootsweb there is the Harris Brooks Moore tree by Craig or updated 2009-02-04  and the Chesson-Croom and Beyond tree by Judith or updated 2007-05-22. 
Arthur Bobbitt, son of Sion Bobbitt and Sarah or Sally Mangum, and grandson of William M. Bobbitt
Birth:  about 1784/1785 Orange County, North Carolina
Death:  1878 Orange County, North Carolina
Residence:  1810 Hillsborough, Orange, North Carolina census
Marriage of Arthur Bobbitt and Lodicia or Dicey Duke:  7 May 1811 Granville, North Carolina. 
Lodicia or Dicey Duke was born 1799 in Orange County, North Carolina, the 7th child of 8 children of William Duke and Mary Carrington.  Lodicia or Dicey Duke Bobbitt died in Orange County, North Carolina.
Note:  William Duke born 10 June 1754 Brunswick County, Virginia and died 11 Aug 1842 Orange County, North Carolina and Mary Carrington born 1760 Orange County, North Carolina.  Reference:  The Duke-Symes Family by Mrs. Morris, William Duke: Military: Rev War soldier; Will 1842 Orange County, North Carolina, named his children; moved from Granville County to Orange County, North Carolina in 1816; William Duke Senior sold to William Duke Junior 1900 acres on Camp Creek, Orange County in 1836. 
Residence:  1850 District 1, Orange County, North Carolina Census
Residence:  1860 Orange County, North Carolina Census
Residence:  1870 Mangum, Orange, North Carolina Census
Residence:  1880 Mangum, Orange, North Carolina Census
Note:  All census state Arthur Bobbitt was born about 1784 Orange County, North Carolina
Arthur Bobbitt lived with his daughter Lucy P. Bobbitt and his son-in-law Phillip Southerland in the 1870 US Census in Magnum, Orange County, North Carolina, age 85 and birthplace North Carolina.  Arthur Bobbitt was the overseer for the Cameron Family for over 60 years in Orange County, North Carolina.  Arthur Bobbitt lived with his daughter Lucy P. Bobbitt and his son-in-law Phillip Southerland in the 1880 US Census in Magnum, Orange, North Carolina, age 95, a widower.  Arthur Bobbitt lived over 95 years of age and died before the 1900 Orange County, North Carolina Census.
Chird, your Wed 25 Aug 2010, 11:01 AM email Obit William Bobbett Newspapers 1880-1889, points us in the correct direction as to your Bobbitt line.

August 26, 2010
Email by Marsha Berry
Hello Keith, also Eileen and Chird,
Keith, as Lucy P.  Bobbitt, daughter of Arthur Bobbitt and Lodicia or Dicey Duke, and wife of Phillip Southerland, is the great grand niece of your direct line Lewis Bobbitt,
and as I do not know if you have these photos or not, I have attached a photo of Lucy P. Bobbitt Southerland's tombstone in Bahama, Durham, North Carolina; and the Phillip Southerland family home, and Lucy's brother Green Bobbitt and Durvinia Wagoner Bobbitt's tombstone in the Little Silver Church Cemetery, Caldwell, North Carolina; and the Green Bobbitt home about 1850.
As you know Keith, your Bobbit line descends:
William Bobbet and wife Elizabeth Whittington
William Bobbet and wife Mary Green
Lewis Bobbitt and wife Elizabeth Moore - they had 8 children...
the two I am referring in this email are: 
William Moore Bobbitt which is Lucy P. Bobbitt's direct Bobbitt line 
and Lewis Bobbitt, Lewis being Keith Bobbitt's direct Bobbitt line.
Back to the descendancy of Lucy P. Bobbitt:
William Moore Bobbitt and wife Martha Turner
Sion Bobbitt and wife Sarah Mangum
Arthur Bobbitt and wife Lodicia or Dicey Duke -  they had children they lost and I do not have their names, but I do have 3 names:
1. Lucy P. Bobbitt [twin] born 24 Dec 1824 Orange County, North Caroline and died 3 July 1905 Bahama, Durham, North Carolina and 11 Nov 1841 married Phillip Southerland.
2. Green Bobbitt [twin] born 24 Dec 1824 Orange County, North Carolina and died 1897 and married Durvinia Wagoner.
3.  DeWitt Bobbitt born about 1830 Orange County, North Carolina
As Lodicia or Dicey Duke Bobbitt died in Orange County, North Carolina, Arthur Bobbitt married Mary Elizabeth Woods.

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