In 2006, Marsha Berry had her Bobbitt genealogy on rootsweb and Marsha had a few but not all of her information in notes about Abraham Estes being a passenger on the ship Martha as well as Marsha's ancestor William Bobbet and John Skinner from Suffolk County, England.  
David Powell had Marsha's email address and did not make contact to check if Marsha had more information about Abraham Estes.  When you make comments about another person's research and you do not present the correct facts, it makes all of your research suspect as being incorrect.
David Powell related to Abraham Estes is not Bobbitt related and does not have his facts correct by stating Marsha's 3rd great grandfather Isham Drury Bobbitt's Bible was destroyed before 1840. 
It was not a 1840 Bible and it was not owned by Isham Drury Bobbitt Junior.
Marsha's 2nd great grandfather William W. Bobbitt owned a 1860 Bible that remains in possession of Marsha's cousin's wife to date 26 May 2010.   On one of the 1860 Bible pages is Abraham Estes listed as a passenger aboard the Martha.  This page is in Marsha Berry's 316 page "The Bobbitt Family of Putnam County, Illinois with Bobbet ancestors from Suffolk County, England," and color pdf CD, BYU Bookstore web site, as well as on the back cover of the book, for $19.95 plus shipping.
When you find information about a person you are researching and you want to make comments about what the person who has the information has about your family member, and
there is an email address available, it is very important to make email contact to check if there is any additional information available before you make your comments or you will be giving false information.
Thank you Keith.

Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010, 9:22 PM
Hello David Powell,
We do not know each other and I came across your Abraham
Estes web site today, 23 May 2010.  After perusing your
site since your last enties on your site on 24/4/2006,
the result of not contacting me previous to 24/4/2006 is
you have some errors on your site that were not necessary
had you contacted me as you do have my email address.
in your reference [1436] area of your Descendants of Abraham
Estes [1647-1720].
You stated:
"Another source is given for this claim -- it was
supposedly recorded in the family bible of Isham Drury
Bobbitt Jr. [1436]
Well, how does this source hold up?
We will never know - the bible in question was destroyed
before 1840.
Possibly a transcription was made before the Bible was
destroyed, but even if it was, one has to be more than a
trifle skeptical of the validity of this source!"
You have a [1436] source error relating to my 2nd great
grandfather William W. Bobbitt 1829 to 1897 and his father,
my 3rd great grandfather Isham Drury Bobbitt Junior 1792 to
that you state it is an Isham Drury Bobbitt Junior's family
Bible whereas it is actually William W. Bobbitt's family
Your [1437] source states the Isham Drury Bobbitt Junior
family Bible was destroyed before 1840 and this incorrect
statement did not come from me or any of my Bobbitt family.
The family Bible was not a before 1840 family Bible of
Isham Drury Bobbitt Junior.  It is a 1860 family Bible
belonging to my 2nd great grandfather William W. Bobbitt and
has births, marriages and deaths and burials in it, and of
course including William W. Bobbitt's father Isham Drury
Bobbitt Junior and others of my Bobbitt family.
Reverend William A. Thompson, minister of the old
Caledonia, Putnam County, Illinois Sandy Creek Primitive
Baptist Church had 1860 Bibles for his congregation, with
many pages for births, marriages, and deaths and that is how
William W. Bobbitt obtained the 1860 Bible.
The 1860 William W. Bobbitt family Bible was not destroyed
before 1840.  My cousin Harold S. Morine Junior had it in
his possession as did his mother and her mother Ida Belle
Bobbitt, daughter of William W. Bobbitt  and Harold's
family has the Bible today, 23 May 2010.
When Harold S. Morine Junior died in 2006, his 2nd wife
copied the Bible pages and sent them to me.  This includes
one page of interest to you...the one with the 3 passengers
including Abraham Estes, on the late October 1673 ship
Martha which journeyed to City Point, Charles City,
Attach:  .jpeg
1860 William W. Bobbitt Bible with Wm Bobbet Oct 1673 Ship
Martha to VA
I transcribed the above .jpeg for you:
William Bobbett
Abraham Estes
John Skinner
Felixstowe England
Oct 1673
Citty Point Virginia
January 1674
The Ship Martha
Abraham Wheelock Ship Master
Your Abraham Estes as above on my family Bible page is in
my November 2009 copyrighted Bobbitt book and back cover as
seen on
You stated:  "One source helpfully states its source as "a
book in Virginia section of Mesa Arizona Regional Family
History Center." [1436]
Not very helpful and in reality, impossible to verify."
Of course it is not very helpful if you don't use the
online card catalogue and look it up for yourself.  One of
the 3 books about Abraham Estes Sr ca. 1662-1720 had a
diagram stating 2 passengers with Estes to sail in Oct 1673
for Virginia.
The painting of the Ship Martha is verified by old sketches
by other artists of the ship and the dock.
Marsha Berry