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Verifying Our Family Research

William Bobbitt, our immigrant ancestor was married to Joanna Sturdivant?

We should always check our personal research for errors and VERIFY our information from as many sources as possible.  A very high percentage of 'Sturdivant' information found on the web comes directly from the book "The Bobbitt Family In America" by John W. Bobbitt.  To make our verification valid, we need to find 'Sturdivant' information from other sources.

One very good web site for 'Sturdivant' information is Mary Katheryn Harris Genealogy Web  Scroll down the left index to the name 'Sturdivant' and click it.  While doing this, notice the number of other families that Mary Katheryn Harris has researched.  Also, notice the sources used in her research.

Listed here are three examples from the web.  The first and second you will recognize as being either directly or indirectly from John's book. The third is from the research of Mary Katheryn Harris.

1.  WILLIAM1 BOBBITT, SR. was born 1649 in Glamorganshire Wales, England, and died 1703 in Prince George County, Virginia, Ferry Chapel Church Yard. He married ANNA (JOANA) STURDIVANT Abt. 1673 in Wales, England. She was born Abt. 1652 in Wales England, and died Unknown.

2.  WILLIAM1 BOBBITT, OF GLAMORGANSHIRE, WALES1 was born 1645 in Glamorganshire, Wales., and died 1703 in Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia.  He married JOANNA STURDIVANT Abt. 1671 in Glamorganshire, Wales., daughter of JOHN STURDIVANT and SARAH HALLOM.  She was born 1652 in Glamorganshire, Wales., and died 1740 in Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia.

3.  John Sturdivant was born sometime around 1630 in England. The earliest record of John in the New World is in 1652 in which he was granted land in what is now Chesterfield County, VA. He was married to Sarah Hallom, daughter of Robert Hallom, by 1660, around which time they were living in Charles City County. John and Sarah had 5 children, all boys, between 1662 and 1672.

If you review the above web site, you will find no mention of William Bobbitt/Bobbet or any other spelling of the name.  You will find no mention of Joanna Sturdivant or Anne Sturdivant.  This corresponds with other sources that states there is no evidence that Joanna Sturdivant or Anna Sturdivant was ever married to William Bobbitt, our immigrant ancestor.

So, to whom was our immigrant ancestor William Bobbitt married?

A quote from Marsha Berry, a Bobbitt family genealogist:

"This submitter's Bobbitt family had not ever heard of our William Bobbett
marrying a Joanna or Anna Sturdivant Plus, our Bobbitt family has
proven Suffolk, England heritage and family heirlooms and traditions
from Suffolk, England. We are not from Wales, so the Sturdivant marriage
must be to another Bobbett family from western England not related to us."

This quote taken from:

Francis Whittington, 1200 asc., Chas. City Co., S. side of Appomattox Riv.,
at the head of Baylye's Cr., 30 Oct 1673, p. 484, 900 acs. granted Tho. &
Henry Battes, who sold sd. Whittington; 300 acs. for trans. of 6 pers.:
Barth. Batts, Jno. Cumber, Robt. Mevill, Jno. Collins, Mary Mahanes,
Eliz. Wood.
Source: Book: Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Patients and
Grants, Vol. II: 1666-1695, by Nell Marion Nugent, page 136.

The Library of Virginia, Land Office Grants
Whittington, Francis
29 Jul 1650
Grantee[s]: Yarrett, William; and Francis Whittington
Decription: 580 acres
Source: Land Office Patients No. 2, 1643-1651, p. 216 [Reel 2]

27 Oct 1673 - William Bobbett
30 Oct 1673 - Francis Whittington
Why was Francis Whittington on William Bobbet's land grant 3 days before
he had his own land grant on 30 October?
Some land grants were prearranged for being recorded on a certain date. Such
may be the case here, as William Bobbet would have needed to prearrange for
this to be taken care of before his departure on the ship "Martha" from England.
And, it is believed that Francis Whittington was the person to make arrangements
in Virginia.

Calvin Kyle Bobbitt has said:
We do not know the maiden name of the wife of William Bobbitt Senior, but
believe it was Joanna Sturdivant and that she was called "Anna." (This is from John W. Bobbitt's book, "The Bobbitt Family In America")

Mr. Whttington next door to William Bobbet had daughters, and he handled
some of William Bobbett's affairs in Virginia, so a Miss Whittington marrying
William Bobbett would be most likely and does agree with this submitters
family records.

Francis Whittington was born in about 1624 in Nottingham, England and
married Elizabeth about 1647 in Virginia. Had sons and daughters.

Marsha Berry

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