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This is the genealogical DNA tested lineage Of Susan Maxwell Bobbitt-Schumaker, Raymond Babbitt, Elle Eddie, John W. Bobbitt - author of "The Bobbitt Family In America", and Jan Babbitt.  These people were DNA testing at and we learned they had exact matches that did not match any other Bobbitt family.  Marsha Berry Research found the paper trails of all tested went back to Edwardus Bobbitt.  Further research found the paper trails went back to Thomas Bobbet.  See research below.


A 3rd Marsha Berry Research Bobbitt/Babbitt Project with Eileen Sears Begins 4 March 2011

Marsha Berry Research Massachusetts Babbitt research will resume on 5 April 2011.


A 3rd Marsha Berry Research Bobbitt/Babbitt Research Project with Eileen Sears Begins Friday, 4 March 2011 with meeting at Marsha's house at 2 pm. Keith is a part of the research trio for the perfect Y-DNA matched John W. Bobbitt, Elle Eddy and Susan Maxwell Bobbitt-Schumaker and Raymond Babbitt.  FamilyTreeDNA is showing Raymond Babbitt an exact 12 allele match to Elle Eddy and John W. Bobbitt.  Therefore, Raymond's DNA numbers must be an exact match to Elle Eddy and John W. Bobbitt.

Marsha has found the proof in the 1900 US Census, Butler county, Ohio Census that James J. Bobbitt is the son of the Babbitt family of Kentucky that goes back to the Massachusetts BABBITT family.  Marsha Berry Research is unable to connect the Massachusetts BABBITT family to Somerset County, England.

As of March 12, 2011, this research has ended.  Listed below is the research of Marsha Berry and Eileen Sears.

As of March 19, 2011, new research will begin to find the parents of Edward Bobet.  (See emails below)

If your pedigree is connected to the old lineage of John W. Bobbitt as found in the book "The Bobbitt Family In America", you will need to re-examine your info and bring it up to date with Marsha's information listed below.


John W. Bobbitt Lineage With Notes And Sources Updated 7-16-2011

John W. Bobbitt Lineage On Rootsweb

Samuel McClung Bobbitt WW1 Draft WV


Elle Eddy/James Terry Bobbitt Registry Report.PDF

Elle Eddy -- Rogers Family

Elly Eddy -- Rogers Family Research Emails


Susan Schumaker/Andrew Bobbitt Registry Report.PDF


Jan Babbitt Registry Report.PDF



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Please remember.  Two or more people with different DNA results can not have any ancestors who are the same.  All ancestors must be different.  Example:  John W. Bobbitt and Keith Bobbitt have different DNA results.  John and Keith can not have any ancestors who are the same... including our immigrant ancestors.

Susan Schumaker/Andrew Bobbitt Census Reports

Elle Eddy/Terry Bobbitt Census Reports

John W. Bobbitt Census Reports



Original Wills  Zip File

Original Wills   View Jpg Files

Transcriptions of Original Wills by Eileen Sears


Massachusetts Counties

West Virginia Counties 

Email From Marsha Berry 3-4-2011

Hello Keith, Susan, Elle, and Eileen,

Today, Friday, 4 March 2011, 2-3 pm, was a historic first as Eileen Sears and Marsha Berry met at Marsha's house to discuss our research plans for John W. Bobbitt, Susan Schumaker, and Elle Eddy and Raymond Babbitt who share the same Y-DNA results. Eileen and Marsha have research assignments taken from the agenda on the attachment and today's email:

Attach: rtf
Friday, 4 March 2011 first meeting with Eileen Sears and Marsha Berry new Bobbitt research

Please read our agenda on the attachment and please read the agenda in the email Marsha sent this morning of Friday, 4 March 2011.

Assignment for Eileen:

1. Look for a Will for Edward Bobet 1627-1675 from Taunton, Plymouth, Massachusetts. The dates may be approximate. Edward lived to be only 48 years old, so his father and relatives in Somerset County, England can outlive him.

2. There is the Great Card Index of the Society of Genealogists, London, in 1650 William Bobbett was a witness to the will of William Perry of Bridgewater, Somerset, England. This will was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury as was the will of William Bobbett of Creech St. Michael [which is 3 miles east of Taunton, England].

Eileen, we do not need to obtain the William Perry will.

Is William Bobbett of Creech St. Michael the father of Edward Bobet born about 1627?

Eileen, The National Archives of England on the internet has the Will we need to obtain:

Online document PROB 11/305 - 3 pages
Will of William Bobbett Merchant Saint Michael Church, Somerset
Date: 31 July 1661

There are 2 other Wills we need to obtain:

Online document PROB 11/380 - 2 pages
Will of Richard Bobbett Merchant Creech Saint Michael, Somerset
Date: 30 May 1685

Online document PROB 11/414 - 2 pages
Will of Edmund Bobbett Merchant Saint Michael Church, Somerset
Date: 20 May 1693

Keith, Susan, and Elle, there is a nominal charge, British currency of 3.50 for each will. Eileen is well trained to read and transcribe these wills.

3. Use the 1500's to 1900's All Bobbitt and Variations National Burial Index England and Wales, Somerset County, England.

4. Help Marsha where needed.

Assignment for Marsha:

1. Work on taking Elle's Bobbitt line to Massachusetts.

2. Work on taking John W. Bobbitt's line from Franklin, Norfolk County, Massachusetts to Taunton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

3. Help Eileen where needed.

Note: Eileen and Marsha will meet together in a week or two if we need the time. And, we will be in telephone and email contact with each other.

Please note as we research there are different spellings of Bobbitt, Babbitt, Bobet, and Bobbett for the same family.


Good Morning Keith,

Welcome to Susan Schumaker's brother Andrew Bobbitt to our group. It is good to have one of the Y-DNA contributors on board. Elle, if you wish, we can add James [Terry] to our group as he is a Y-DNA contributor.

Keith, please 1st post these 2 attachments as they were the main agenda of our meeting.

Attach: rtf
Friday, 4 March 2011 first meeting with Eileen Sears and Marsha Berry new Bobbitt research

Attach: rtf
3 Mar 2011 genealogy of Elle Eddy Kentucky and Illinois

Then, please post the email which was the report of what assignments Eileen Sears and Marsha Berry have as a result of our meeting, or our Friday, 4 March 2011 Bobbitt in MA 1st research meeting of Eileen Sears and Marsha Berry report email.

Thank you Keith. I am including this email to everyone so as they know you are posting Marsha's and Eileen's research progress as a repository on your web site.




Hello Elle and everyone,

I know Elle has been waiting patiently for this and I have Elle's PAF 5.2 gedcom with her Bobbitt genealogy back to Edward Bobet in Taunton, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

A note to all of you: Not every person and in some cases not all of the data that could be on these gedcoms are on them because my purpose is to trace your genealogy correctly on your direct line pedigree and to see where and how all of you have the same ancestor.
This file has been taken off line for privacy purposes.
Elle, your ELLE EDDY BOBBITT GEN PAF 5.2.gedcom begins with James [Terry] Bobbitt.

Elle, your pedigree beginning with John W. Bobbit born 1806 in Campbell County, Kentucky is:

Generation One:
John W. Bobbit and married Emoline Lile

Note: Elle, remember when you emailed me John W. Bobbit dropped the "t" in his surname? There was a copycat who is not related to you in Campbell County, Kentucky that dropped the "t" in his surname and one has to be careful when researching and know this copycat who absolutely not related to you is on the census as born in Virginia and North Carolina.

Generation Two:
Randolph Bobbit born 1780 Massachusetts and will recorded 6 Dec 1819 Campbell County, Kentucky

Attach: jpeg
1810 US Census Campbell, Campbell, Kentucky Randolph Bobbit

Generation Three:
John Babbitt born 28 Feb 1761 Massachusetts and died Berkley, Bristol, Massachusetts

Attach: jpeg
1790 US Census Berkley, Bristol, Massachusetts John Babbitt with 3 young children

Generation Four:
John Babbitt born 2 Aug 1733 Berkley, Bristol, Massachusetts and married Elizabeth Dean

Generation Five:
Benajah Babbitt born 19 Jul 1705 Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts and married Dorcas Jones

Generation Six:
Edward Eramus Babbitt born 15 Jul 1655 Taunton, Plymouth, Massachusetts and married Abigail Tinsdale

Generation Seven:
Edward Bobet born 1626 in Taunton, Plymouth, Masachusetts or Taunton,
Somerset, England and married Sarah Tarne

Note: Marsha now has Elle's and Susan's lines back to Edward Bobet and Sarah Tarne.

Marsha's next project is to take John W. Bobbitt's line further back than Rufus Bobbitt/Babett born about 1805 Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts, back to Edward Bobet.


Email from Eileen Sears... March 6, 2011

Hello Marsha, Keith, Susan, Elle, and Andrew,

Per my meeting with Marsha on Friday, March 4, one assignment on my agenda was to search for a will for Edward Bobet from Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.

What I found is Letters of Administration awarded to his wife, Sarah on pages 24-25 of the following book (which can be read online): Sarah's oldest son, Edward received a "double share of the whole estate" and was also made "guardian of [her] minor
children." Included was the specifics for the division of meadows, lands and an inventory made of personal property.

"The Babbitt Family History 1643-1900" compiled by William Bradford Browne and printed in 1912 in Taunton, Massachusetts.

I'm sure that many of you have already seen this work and that I am not reporting anything new. However, if you haven't seen this book, it is a fascinating read from the very beginning of the book. It chronicles his acquisition of land, contains pictures of the probable area of his home and death. Pages 26 and beyond contain information on births, marriages, deaths of Edward Bobet's children and subsequent descendants and their wills.

One point mentioned on page 23 of the book indicates that it is probable that Edward came to America either in 1638 or 1639, which will be helpful in searching immigration records.

Take care, one and all,

Email from Marsha Berry 3-7-2011

Hello Keith, Eileen, Elle, Andrew and Susan,

For your information here is the distance between towns that John W. Bobbitt's line of Babbitts lived in from Boston, Massachusetts where Edward Bobet and Sarah Tarne were married.

The town of Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts is 35 miles southwest of Boston.

The town of Berkley, Bristol, Massachusetts is 35 miles south of Boston.

The town of Freetown, Bristol, Massachusetts is 37 miles south of Boston.

The town of Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts is 40 miles south of Boston.

The town of Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts is 30 miles south of Boston.

Each of these towns is no more than 40 miles from Boston, so John W. Bobbitt's family stayed in a close radius after moving from West Virginia to Massachusetts.

When Marsha researched John W. Bobbitt's line, she used many census. A few census are attached to this email, but not all.  [The Census Reports are located at the top of this page]

Added Sunday, 6 March 2011 and Researched by Marsha Berry is Marsha's very basic pedigree PAF 5.2 gedcom called JOHN W BOBBITT AUTHOR on the private Berry Family web site in the File Cabinet.  [This GEDCOM has been taken off line for privacy purposes.]

My family has had a private Berry Family Web Site for many years and Keith has access to Marsha's family private Berry Family Web Site. Keith has been obtaining what he places on his web site for Marsha Berry Research and what Marsha has researched from Marsha's File Cabinet on her private Berry Family Web Site, and of course some emails.

Thank you Keith for having your web site as a repository for Marsha Berry Research for Eileen and I. It is very appreciated.

Elle and Terry; and Susan and Andrew, you can compare your Bobbitt/Babbitt lines with John W. Bobbitt's line.

John W. Bobbitt's pedigree is:

John William Bobbitt - born Kanawha County, West Virginia

Samuel McClung Bobbitt and Anna Lauretta Newlon - born Nicholas County, West Virginia

Elijah Bobbitt and Rowena Davis Robinson - born Nicholas County, West Virginia

Rufus Bobbitt and Mary Elizabeth Williams - born Nicholas County, West Virginia

Rufus Babett - born Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Ebenezer Babbit and Sally Cudworth - born Berkley, Bristol, Massachusetts

Abajah Babbitt and Ann Woodward - born Berkley, Bristol, Massachusetts

Edward Babbitt and Mehitabel Hathaway - born Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts

Edward Erasmus and Abigail Tinsdale - born Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts

Edward Bobet and Sarah Tarne - are of Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts

Note: Marsha has completely ignored John W. Bobbitt's book: "The Bobbitt Family in America," when she has worked on former research projects and this current research because it has too many errors in it and is based on false assumptions. Another book to be careful of is the Wiliam Bradford Browne book in places.

Note: Now John W. Bobbitt knows who he is because he took a Y-DNA test and the paper trail matches the Y-DNA results. That is the best news.


Email from Marsha Berry 3-8-2011
Hello Keith,
If you have looked in my family Berry Family Web Site in my File Cabinet, you have already found my 8 March 2011 update of JOHN W BOBBITT AUTHOR PAF 5.2 gedcom,
plus the 1850 US Census Taunton Bristol Massachusetts Luther Rufus Babbitt and his father's 2nd wife Hannah and the
1855 Massachusetts State Census with Luther Rufus Babbitt and his father's 2nd wife Hannah.
Luther Rufus Babbitt father's 1st wife Sally died before the 1850 US Census on 13 July 1848. And, Luther Rufus Babbitt's wife died before the 1850 US Census.
Luther Rufus Babbitt was born 22 Feb 1808 Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts and is Rufus Babbitt in the 1840 US Census, Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
Also, we have the Original 3 Somerset County, England Wills.
On Tuesday, 8 March 2011 around 9 am,
Eileen is coming by Marsha's house to pick up the paper copies of the 3 Original Wills from UK The National Archives which Marsha purchased a download for British 3.50 each or a total British 10.50.
Marsha has the 3 Wills on a light key for Eileen to enlargen the print.
Keith, please look in my family Berry Family Web Site in my File Cabinet and you will find DCIM zip file 3 Original Bobbitt Wills Somerset County England.
Eileen will transcribe each of these Wills. One of the reasons Marsha asked Eileen to assist her, plus working together previously on 2 different Bobbitt lines, is Eileen's forte is transcribing old Wills.
Perhaps we may find Edward Bobbitt/Babbett/Bobet that went to Massachusetts mentioned in a Will. Remember Edward died in his 40's, so his father has outlived him.
All of these are merchants in Saint Michael Church, Somerset, England:
William Bobbitt 1666
Richard Bobbitt 1683
Edmund Bobbitt 1693
Note: The updated JOHN W BOBBITT PAF 5.2 gedcom has a lot more added than what is on this email.
Please add these to your web site. Thank you.

[The GEDCOM files have been taken off line for privacy purposes.]

 Email from Marsha Berry March 12, 2011

Hello Keith and Eileen,
Thank you Eileen for transcribing the 3 Bobbett Somerset County, England Wills. You did a great job.
None of the 3 Bobbett Somerset County, England Wills mentioned an Edward Bobbett, who could be the Edward Bobet in Taunton, Massachusetts, USA. This does not surprise Marsha. William Bobbett is the father and Richard and Edmund are his sons, all whose Wills were Probated in Somerset County, England.
Marsha is not impressed by William Bradford Browne's book, The Babbitt Family History 1643-1900, as all I read are multiple or 6 guesses in Browne's book as to where Edward Bobet originated:
1. Wells, Somerset, England, near Taunton
2. Devonshire County, England
3. Wales
4. a step-son of Jonas Austin, from whom Edward purchased land
5. a step-son of Jon Hathaway
6. a step-son of a Holloway
Note: Somerset County, England is not correct.
Devonshire is an error as it is Somerset County, England where Wells is located.
Wales we know is not correct from the 1500's to 1900's All Bobbitt and Variations National Burial Index England and Wales.
Marsha checked the step-son theory and none have a Bobet step-son.
Note: Marsha is not a multiple guesses researcher, neither is Eileen.
Marsha looked at the passenger lists on The Olive Tree and there was no Bobbitt of any spelling listed from 1620 to 1638 listed from England to Boston, Massachusetts.
Eileen, there is one more small possibility. Marsha would like you to research the immigration records and passenger lists around 1638 and 1639 for Edward Bobet or name variation to Massachusetts. But I would expand that search from 1620 to 1654.
Please check the BYU Library and if it is not there, please check the Salt Lake City, Utah Family History Library. Thank you Eileen.
Eileen and Keith, if Eileen can not find an immigration record for an Edward Babbitt/Bobet spelling of any variation born about 1626 and came to Massachusetts, as far as I am concerned our Babbitt in Massachusetts research is completed and closed.
Marsha's researched gedcoms for Elle Eddy and Terry Bobbitt, Susan Schumaker and Andrew Bobbitt, and John W. Bobbitt will remain Edward Bobet born of Taunton, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
John W. Bobbitt's gedcom is ok as it reads Edward Bobet of Taunton, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Hold the press Keith. Please add these 2 Attach gedcoms in this email to your web site. Thank you Keith.
The gedcoms for Elle Eddy and Terry Bobbitt; and Susan Schumaker and Andrew Bobbitt are changed 11 March 2011 early am to read Edward Bobet born of Taunton, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Keith, I also have the changed gedcoms on our my family Berry Family Web Site in the File Cabinet.
My prayers go out to the people in Japan who had an 8.9 earthquake and a 23 foot tusami go far inland...


Since no new information was found in the three Wills from Somerset England transcribed by Eileen Sears, this research has ended.  DNA testing by Andrew Sparrow Bobbitt, Terry Bobbitt, and John W. Bobbitt set the tone and gave direction to this research. -- Keith Bobbitt

Marsha Berry Research Massachusetts Babbitt research will resume on 5 April 2011.


Partial email from Marsha Berry, March 19, 2011

It was 6 years ago George and Marsha moved from Arizona, where we lived since 1984. Our former Arizona governor was Bruce Babbitt from 1978 to 1987.

Bruce Babbitt and his family has different information than other Babbitts on their Babbitt family that goes back to Massachusetts. Bruce returned to England, the country of his ancestors, as he was a Marshall Scholar to the University of Newcastle, England and earned his Master's Degree in Geophysics.

Bruce Babbitt and his family are our hope for a better direction of our Babbitt research which Marsha and Eileen will begin again on 5 April 2011.

Marsha began with Bruce Babbitt and did his pedigree and now,
This gedcom file has been taken off line for privacy purposes.
Announcing the BRUCE BABBITT AZ GOV gedcom PAF 5.2

Please read the notes, especially Bruce Babbitt and Edward Bobbett or Bobet.

From an article Bah, Bah, Bruce
@1998 by Tim Findley, Range magazine, Carson City, Nevada

"Five Babbitt brothers of English Puritan stock by way of Cincinatti had made their way into the wild pine-laced ranges south of the Grand Canyon in 1886 to begin building a ranching and retail domain that at its peak would encompass most of northern Arizona....

The oldest story in the Babbitt family goes back to Edward "Bobet" [as he wrote it] who arrived in Plymouth Bay in 1639 as a mere one-year-old. Edward struggled with the others to wrest control of the raw land and build a new colony. He married and had children and won respect. Then one day out in the woods with his dog, he encountered a band of hostile Indians. Edward hid himself in the sheltering bows of a tree, but the barking dog attracted the war party's attention.

To this day, the family is proud of the little headstone erected to their ancestor, "Edward Bobbett," it said, "Kld June, 1675."

When our Massachusetts Babbitt research officially begins on 5 April 2011, we will also be researching the England sea ports, i.e., Liverpool, etc., in the time frame the Bruce Babbitt family has provided.


Please note... this research is not from Browne's book or John W. Bobbitt's book.

Bruce Babbitt's Edward Bobet Outline Descendancy Report

More information coming after April 5, 2011

Marsha Berry Research Begins Again On April 6, 2011

Click here to see the plan. 

Email from Eileen Sears On April 17, 2011

Hello everyone,
Attached are the research findings for the week of April 17, 2011. Marsha and I will get together, evaluate the findings and outline the next course of research.

Attached Research Findings

Email from Marsha Berry... April 18, 2011

Hello Keith,
Here are the results of the Monday, 18 April 2011 Massachusetts Babbitt Meeting with Eileen Sears and Marsha Berry.
Attach: rtf as PDF
18 Apr 2011 MA Babbitt Research Meeting Eileen and Marsha
Please add this attachment as a pdf to your web site 3rd Marsha Berry Research. Thank you.

Attached 18 Apr 2011 MA Babbitt Research Meeting Eileen and Marsha. PDF


Email from Eileen Sears... May 1, 2011

Hi Marsha and Keith,
I will get you a formal report in the next couple of days after I process the information that I found yesterday.
However, I wanted you to know that the information presented on regarding Edwardus Bobbett being born 1627 in Garboldisham is in error. The people in charge of the site mislabeled the parish. It is really Docking in northwest Norfolk (about 12 miles south of Wells, Norfolk and about 8 miles from the coast of the North Sea). I found this out later on in the day as I tried to find the Bobbetts on the actual parish register of Garboldisham and couldn't find any Bobbets listed. The film source for the site is correct - which lead me to Docking parish, where I found them all . . .
Early in the day of my research I found a will for a Thomas Bobbett of Coney Weston yesterday (which is just a few miles from Garboldisham). But alas, now knowing that the family was from Docking and not Garboldisham, it is not the correct Thomas. I did not find a will for Thomas Bobbett in the Docking area, but I still have a couple of jurisdictions to look through - I hope that it will yield success.


Email from Marsha Berry... May 1, 2011

Hello Eileen,
It is so good you went to the Salt Lake City Utah Family History Library as you planned on Saturday, 30 Apr 2011. Great job Eileen.
And, to find out Edwardus Bobbet was baptised in Docking, Norfolk, England. Note Wells is 12 miles south. On our 18 April 2001 Massachusetts Babbitt/Bobit Research Meeting Agenda, Wells was number one on the list of the places to look.
On my family Berry Family web site, I have placed a photo of the town sign post of Docking.
Attach: jpeg
Sign Post Docking Norfolk England
and I have already made corrections on my ancestry tree with Edwardus Bobbet and his siblings.
The Will for Thomae Bobbet may not be where we expect it.
Marsha Berry Rearch

Thomas Bobbett 1624 Will Descendancy

Email from Marsha Berry - May 20, 2011

Hello Keith,
Eileen and I are on the right track with the Massachusetts Babbitt/Bobet/Bobbett Research. Marsha Berry and Eileen Sears met on Friday, 20 May 2011.
Keith, this is a major announcement.
Please add the following on your Bobbitt web site with 3rd Marsha Berry Research. Thank you.
Attach: Coney Weston
Please make the gedcom into a Thomas Bobbett 1624 Will Descendancy for your web site. Thank you.
The pedigree of Edward Babbitt/Bobet or Edwardus Bobbet of Taunton, Massachusetts, USA is:
Generation One:
Edwardus Bobbet is the same person as Edward Babbitt/Bobet of Massachusetts, USA.
Edwardus Bobbet is the son of Thomae Bobbet and Elizabethe.
Edwardus Bobbet was baptised on 9 April 1627 in Docking, Norfolk, England
Source: Salt Lake City Utah Family History Library, Film Number 1702622
Note: There are no marriage or burial records for Edwardus Bobbet in the 13 counties with Bobbitt and various spellings in England.
Edwardus Bobbet has 3 siblings baptised in Docking, Norfolk, England and these siblings remained in Docking and married and had children:
Anna Bobbet 29 Mar 1629
Nicolaus Bobbet 11 Sep 1631
Clemens Bobbet 26 Jan 1633

Source: Salt Lake City Utah Family History Library, Film Number 1702622
Generation Two:
Thomae Bobbet and Thomas Bobbett are the same person.
Thomas Bobbett was baptised on 25 Oct 1584 Coney Weston, Suffolk, England.
He married Elizabethe.
See above for 4 children, especially Edwardus Bobbet who is the same person as Edward Babbitt/Bobet of Massachusetts,USA.
Salt Lake City Utah Family History Library Film Number 1702622
Coney Weston pdf
Generation Three:
Thomas Bobbett has 1624 Will in Coney Weston, Suffolk, England
He married 2 times:
m1 Anna her burial 8 June 1591 Coney Weston, Suffolk, England
Children by 1st marriage are:
1. Thomas Bobbett baptised 25 Oct 1584 Coney Weston, Suffolk, England
2. Edmund Bobbett baptised 25 Apr 1589 Coney Weston, Suffolk, England
m2 Faith Goode married 1592
Child by 2nd marriage is:
1. James Bobbett baptised 15 Dec 1594 Coney Weston, Suffolk, England
Source: Coney Weston pdf
Note: Friday, 20 May 2011 Massachusetts Babbitt/Bobet/Bobbet Research Meeting assignments for Marsha Berry and Eileen Sears are:
1. Obtain 1624 Will for Thomas Bobbett of Coney Weston
May have more children and family listed and other information.
Go to Salt Lake City Utah Family History Library.
2. Will results - mentions other parishes? Possibly check into these.
3. History of military events in Norfolk about time period of 1580-1584.
Source: Continuing Research of the Bobbitt, Bobbet, Bobbett Family in England and America,
Bobbitt Chart by Dr. Amy Harris, Keith Bobbitt web site and the Bobbitt Chart has 3 Thomas Bobbett in Coney Weston
Note: Military service or better opportunities may be the reason the father Thomas Bobbett moved from Coney Weston, Suffolk, England to Docking, Norfolk, England.
Thank you Keith.
Marsha Berry Research

After Eileen does SLC FHL Thomas Bobbett 1624 Will and military search, Marsha and Eileen have completed the Massachusetts research. There are No more records available.

Thank you Eileen for assisting me on this project. You are the best. Thank you Elle and Keith for your support. Thank you Keith for placing this research on your web site...

We have successfully crossed the pond for the Massachusetts Edward Babbitt/Bobet/Bobbett, who is Edwardus Bobbet baptised 9 April 1627 in Docking, Norfolk, England, whose parents are Thomae Bobbett and Elizabethe.

We have the father Thomae Bobbett baptised 25 Oct 1584 in Coney Weston, Suffolk, England, son of Thomas Bobbett and Anna.

And, we have the grandfather Thomas Bobbett with the 1624 Coney Weston Will. We know Thomas married 2 times, one to Anna who is the direct line and two to Faith Goode. We know Anna was buried 8 Jun 1591, two years after Thomas's brother Edmund's baptism 25 Apr 1589.

(On There are 9 trees who have like we have for Thomas, 14 trees for Edwardus.

Attach: pdf
thomas bobbett, coney weston will 1624
Eileen Sears transcribed this 1624 Thomas Bobbett Coney Weston, Suffolk, England Will and emailed it to you and I on 23 May 2011. -- Marsha Berry