Old Homestead Country
Patoka Lake and Surrounding Counties - Orange, Crawford, Dubois in Indiana

OC07_036  An inlet at Patoka Lake In The Fall OC07_035  Fall colors at Patoka Lake

OC07_039  More Fall colors at Patoka Lake OC07_038  A little wind on the water
OC07_031  See any turkeys? OC07_028  See any deer?  More Information sks4th

How about an eagle?

One of several boat ramps

Fishing Pier

Except for the frills, a typical log cabin of the era.

This one has a few more frills.

Other cabins in the snow


History Of Orange County, Indiana
William P. Bobbitt, son of Lewis Bobbitt, Jr., settled and died in this county.  William traveled from North Carolina to Alabama to Rutherford County, Tennessee to Orange County, Indiana.  Some of his children were born in Alabama, some in Tennessee, and some in Indiana.