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Ongoing research of the Bobet/Bobbet/Bobbett/Bobbitt Family

The latest items of interest are listed between the tree roots below.  The items are listed in the order they were found and/or researched.  E-mails will be included to give you an understanding of what the 'thinking' was at the time.   Not all the information listed below may be about one particular Bobbitt family line.


Excerpts of an Email From Marsha Berry -- April 20, 2007

Introducing... "our BYU almost April 2007 graduate, Bobbet - Suffolk County, England British Researcher Kellie Scherbel...  Kellie is ready to go to work and pick up where Dr. Amy Harris and I left radius research the Ipswich, Suffolk, England Parish for my/our Bobbet family, beginning with William 1582 Will and his wife Katheryn Bobbet and son John's 2 sisters Dorothie and Alice who married John Howman...  Kellie will do her research at the Salt Lake City, Utah Family History Library... I like you am excited to get back into our Bobbet Suffolk County, England research and I am glad Kellie Scherbel is our researcher."

Best regards,




L to R Marsha Berry & Bobbet British Researcher Kellie Scherbel 20 Apr 2007 at  the Berrys




Email from Marsha Berry, June 15, 2007


Dear Kellie,  

Attached is the Bobbett Chart that Dr. Amy Harris provided on 18 Sep 2006 that you requested so as you will have more copies.  

Attach: Click Here To See Dr. Amy Harris' Bobbett Chart  

I still am wondering why my William Bobbet born about 1558 in Suffolk County, England and died and buried [Will of 1582 County of Suffolk, Diocese of Norwiche] 1582 Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England is missing from this Bobbett Chart as far as his birth/christening and his marriage to Katherine or Katheryn is concerned?   Was William Bobbet [1582 Will] and his parents not active in The Church of England, so that is why thus far we are not finding a church christening and marriage record?  

It was a wonderful evening last night meeting together and having dinner and having our Suffolk County, England Bobbet research meeting and receiving your research report and discussing the possibilities.  I am planning to scan your 16 page research report as a ..pdf file to share with my cousin Keith Bobbitt and our other Bobbitt cousins.  

I like it that we were both thinking the same and that you have grouped various possible Suffolk County, England Bobbett families together.  And also that we both were thinking the same on going further back in time and closing in on my William Bobbet and Katheryn from both before and after their time.  

I much appreciate your great research and am looking forward to seeing what more you find as you have lots of information and documents to explore.  

Sincerely, Marsha



Email from Marsha Berry, June 15, 2007

Hello Keith,  

Please add my email to my/our Bobbett Suffolk County, England researcher Kellie Scherbel as well as her 14 June 2007 Bobbet Suffolk County England Research Report 16 pages to my area of your Bobbitt Web Site.  

Thank you.  

Attach: Click Here To See .pdf  Kellie Scherbel 14 June 2007 Bobbet Suffolk Co England Research Report 16 pages  

Regards, Marsha



Hello Keith,
This is the Bobbitt Report Summary 25 September 2007 by Kellie Scherbel
that Kellie gave me last night or Wednesday, 26 September 2007, around
11 pm, when she arrived en route at our house.
Attach:  .pdf  Bobbitt Project Summary 25 Sep 2007 by Kellie Scherbel
one page
Please include this report and my email on your Bobbitt web site in the Continued
Research 2007 area page 3.  Thank you.
Because of preparation time needed to get ready for her mission to
Budapest, Hungary, Kelly Scherbel was not able to transcribe several
Bobbet in Suffolk County, England Wills and other documents I had
requested of her in June 2007, so I will let my friend Dr. Amy Harris,
BYU British Research and 14th, 15th, and 16th Century British handwriting expert,
know that I now need the services of her best students which Dr.
Harris will oversee so as the transcriptions are done correctly as well
as the continued Bobbet in Suffolk County, England research.
I have appreciated what Kellie Scherbel has done in grouping possible
Bobbitt families together in communities including and surrounding
Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England.  Because of Kellie's time limit, nothing
has been persued directly concerning records of the birth and marriage of William
Bobbet and his wife Kathryn, as they may not have been christened
or married in the Church of England or were associated with one of the
nonconformist churches in the area, so the research continues.
Marsha Berry
Attach:  .pdf  Bobbitt Project Summary 25 Sep 2007 by Kellie Scherbel



October 23, 2007 -- Future research will also be reported on Marsha Berry's Rootsweb site.


"Beginning Friday, 26 October 2007, Bradley Marchant, one of Dr. Amy Harris's best BYU British Research students, took the materials packet Marsha Berry provided to work on hopefully finding another generation back on our Bobbet family in Suffolk County, England."  "... I have the William Bobbet 1582 Will and his Uncle John Bobbet's 1577 Will he will need for doing his research.  Bradley will be under Dr. Harris's supervision." -- Marsha Berry

Pictured here is Marsha Berry and Bradley Marchant

This BYU Center for Genealogy and Family History March 2007 Newsletter has a Message fro the Leadership by our Bobbet in Suffolk County, England researcher Bradley Marchant on page 3.   Attach:  .pdf BYU Center for Genealogy and Family History Newsletter-March 2007-English-Bradley Marchant wrote article message from leadership 3 pages.  Click here to see the attachment.  Scroll down to page 3 to see/read Bradley.  Scroll further down to some nice links.  You will also notice that Bradley is the Verification Specialist.

Insert #1 -- It is important that we know the process of how information is extracted from the old original church parish records and put on microfilm.

Insert #2 -- Also important, not all original records from the old churches have been extracted. 

Insert #3 -- After information has been extracted and microfilmed, it is put on the Internet.

Insert #4 -- Not all extracted and microfilmed records have been put on the Internet.  These records can be researched, however, if we can find a way to access them.

I've said this before but it will never be said enough.  We are so blessed to have genealogist Marsha Berry as a member of the Bobbitt family.  Marsha, Dr. Amy Harris, Kellie Scherbel, and Bradley Marchant do have access to the records and have the knowledge necessary to transcribe the old language and writing to a form we can all read and understand.  We are also very lucky that records this old still exist.  They were originally written using 15th Century ink on 15th Century paper.  They also survived 450 years of fire, water, plagues, and wars.

E-Mail Correspondence From Marsha Berry to Bradley Marchant


--- On Dec 16, 2007 8:46 PM, Marsha Berry wrote:
Hello Bradley,
It has been since the evening of 26 October 2007 since you visited my home
and I gave you my Bobbet in Suffolk County, England research materials.
What has been your progress?
I gave you the the Will of William Bobbet which was written on 14 June 1582
in Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England and Probated 4 August 1582 in Grundisburgh,
Suffolk, England with his wife Kathryn and young age children John, Dorothie
and Alice Bobbet.
Plus the Will of William Bobbet's Uncle John Bobbet Probate 2 Feb 1576 in
Blaxhall, Suffolk, England which names his nephews Robert and William [same
as 1582 Will] Bobbet.
And, I gave you the following from the British National Burial Index to check
1. Lionel Bobbett 7 Sep 1559 Brandeston
2. Robard Bobbet 1 Apr 1567 Falkenham
Can you find anything more about Robard Bobbet or Lionel Bobbett?
I know this is a busy time with your schooling and tests and Christmas fast
approaching, but I would like to know how things are going.
Thank you.
Marsha Berry


--- On Saturday, 29 December 2007, Bradley Marchant wrote:
Marsha Berry,
I apologize for not writing you a progress report. I actually need to
get some direction from you before I research further... I will
I have actually done several parishes in Suffolk. The original parish
records are not in Salt Lake, but we have Parish Register transcripts.
I have been through the parishes of Grundisburgh, Brandeston and
Falkenham. I have extracted all Bobbetts (and various spellings) from
all the parishes. In Brandeston, there were only a few Bobbetts
total... Including Lionel. I searched up to the year 1650 in all the
parishes in order to get an idea of where the Bobbetts are living and
when they arrive in the parish.
In total, I've researched just over two hours. That means I have
several more hours to complete if you'd like me to continue looking in
neighboring parishes to the three I have already looked in.
I've done the three parishes you requested specifically, but I didn't
want to continue to look in other parishes if thats not what you
wanted. There were other parishes which were circled on the map and I
could go to these places or look at other adjoining parishes where I
have located Bobbetts.
Although you weren't looking for it specifically, I did find the
burial date for WIlliam Bobbet (b. 1558). It was not listed on your
family group record so I decided to record it.
Below is a transcription of that burial for your ancestor William.
Grundisburgh Parish Register Transcripts, Film # 991934
Page 14 .   Wm. Bobbitt buryed the XXIIIJth of June Aop'd [1582]
(Should be the 24th day of June 1582)
I have found people who are likely related to the Lionel and Robard
Bobbet. However, I was not able to find any definite connections.
I have all the Bobbetts\Bobbets etc. typed and extracted. They will
all be included in the report of my research for you.
I have also photocopied the Bobbetts from the Boyd's marriage index. I
figured you already had those photocopies but I figured it would be
good to get them in case you hadn't found them. As I said, I am only
up to two hours of research and I have checked several parishes and
extracted all those of the surname I have come across.
I can easily do the rest of the work in January because I have quite a
bit of time planned for the Family HIstory library.
I didn't want to finish the six hours without your approval.
As they are likely your relatives, you could probably submit these
Bobbetts for temple work. Just a thought. None of these parishes look
like they've been extracted.
Bradley Marchant
British and Scandinavian Research Emphasis


Email correspondence from Marsha Berry to Bradley Marchant
--- On Monday, 31 December 2007, Marsha Berry wrote:
Dear Bradley,
It sounds great thus far as to your research which is very appreciated.
Awesome Bradley, that you found the 24 June 1582 Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England
Burial Date for William Bobbet born Before 1558!!  I had the date William Bobbet
wrote his Will being 14 June 1582 and the Will was Probated on 4 August 1582.
From this, Dr. Amy Harris's and my theory about William knowing he was going to
die soon and needed to take care of his very young children is correct. The 14th
of June writing his Will and his burial on the 24th of June...just 10 days apart.
I like a tangible welding link paper trail document between the generations like
a Will or other some such record as this is how my Bobbitt/Bobbet genealogy has
been done back to the 1582 Will.
Would there be a Will for Robard Bobbet and Lionel Bobbett?
I am very intrigued about the Suffolk parishes that have not been extracted.
How do your Bobbet names compare with those Dr. Amy Harris sent me 14 Sep 2006,
that are online on my Continuing Research Page One near the bottom of the page I
put on my cousin's web site
Yes, I have had the Boyd's marriage index for quite some time,but let us compare
what we each have when we meet together.
Of course I would like you to continue your research and you can check on other
Suffolk Parishes.  You have my approval to finish the six hours of research.
And, if you find more that needs more time, we will discuss that.
Thank you again for your research.
Best regards,
Marsha Berry

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