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The Family In England and America

Ongoing research of the Bobet/Bobbet/Bobbett/Bobbitt Family

The latest items of interest are listed between the tree roots below.  The items are listed in the order they were found and/or researched.  E-mails will be included to give you an understanding of what the 'thinking' was at the time.   Not all the information listed below may be about one particular Bobbitt family line.



Marsha Berry Research, August 2009

Marsha Berry initiates new research on The Bobbitt Family (Continued)


Eileen Sears and Nanette Averett under the direction of Marsha Berry and Dr. Amy Harris are continuing their research of the ancestors of Marsha Berry.


Marsha Berry Research has added more generations to her Bobbitt line.

Email from Marsha Berry... August 18, 2009

"Hello Keith,

Eileen Sears sent me these 2 .pdf this morning you can put on your Bobbitt web site.  They are Eileen's July 2009 research log and a list of Suffolk County, England Parishes that have been searched.  There are only a couple of parishes left that have no Bobbitt names.

First pdf file

Second pdf file

Nanette Averett gave me her paper trail research log and will email me her .pdf research log soon.  I will forward it to you. 

Eileen Sears and Nanette Averett came to my house today, Tuesday, 18 August 2009, at 12:30 PM for our Bobbet research in Suffolk County, England research meeting.   I had a surprise for them, my pedigree chart from William Bobbet and Kathryn back a few generations with the matching family group records with all the notes from the research documentation they have given me.  The ladies came with nothing else to offer me and were greatly surprised when I presented each with the pedigree chart and family group records and a few other items.  We celebrated with Mexican Wedding cookies as we all had lunch prior to our meeting. 



Generation One:

William Bobbet born about 1558 Suffolk County, England and 24 June 1582 Will probated and wife Kathryn and 3 children John, Dorothie, and Alice


Generation Two:

Nycholas or Nic Bobbet born about 1510 Suffolk County, England and buryed 1559 Grundisburgh Parish register and  wife Hellon Smith and 3 children:  

1. Agnes Bobbet born about 1549 Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England and buryed 1554 Grundisburgh Parish registers 

2. Robet Bebet chr 30 Nov 1556 Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England extracted chr record

3. William Bobbet born 1558 Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England and burial 24 June 1582 and wife Kathryn in 1582 Will with 3 children: John, Dorothie, and Alice


Generation Three:

Johannes Bobbet born about 1480 Suffolk County, England and 1510 Will Ipswich, Suffolk, England and wife Celeste and 7 children;

1. Johannes Bobet, priest, single, Will written 15 June 1537

2. Joane or Joas Bobet in brother John Bobbet 1576 Blaxhall Will married Thomas Skoldinge

3. Joyce Bobbet in brother John Bobbet 1576 Blaxhall Will

4. Anne Bobbet in brother John Bobbet 1576 Blaxhall Will married Edmund Smythe or Smith

5. Robert Bobbet m. Elizabethe Heyward

6. John Bobbet wrote 1576 Blaxhall Will

7. Nycholas or Nic Bobbet in brother Johannes Bobbet 1537 Will married Hellond Smythe or Smith


Generation Four:

Mr and Mrs Bobbett and 2 known sons

1. Johannes Bobbet born about 1480 and wrote 1510 Will Ipswich, Suffolk, England

2. Thomas Bobbet born about 1482 and in brother Johannes Bobbet 1510 Will


The above is a pedigree chart and of course I have more documentation...lots of notes.


Keith, I have this on both my private myfamily site and my tree you have access to, but not yet on rootsweb as I need to copy everything off of my living relatives tree to the tree with no living.

You in another communication hoped we would have one more thing to research.

Being I have the Bobbet line far back as I do, Eileen has one more Will in the late 1400's to transcribe.  Other than that, the ladies have completed finding all the documents they can find for the 1500's.


It is with great appreciation I have for what my/our Bobbet in Suffolk County, England researchers Eileen Sears and Nanette Averett have accomplished.  Dr. Amy Harris did give me her best 2 students.  Eileen has one remaining genealogy class and Nanette is graduated and will take a course in genealogy beginning soon, both classes with Dr. Amy Harris. 

Keith, if you like, you have my permission to put this email on your Bobbet web site.  Thank you for your support Keith. 

Best regards,

Marsha Berry"


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