Stephen Bobbitt Research Emails



Hello Stephen, Eileen, and Keith,
As Steve has requested Eileen's and my help to find where his grandfather Will Bobbitt died, this is in preparation of research/
Steve, where and from whom did you get the photo of your grandfather Will Bobbitt about 1945, 2 years before he died in 1947?
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Will Bobbitt about 1945
It is interesting your grandfather, age 60 in Cass County, Texas, in 1942 would apply for the draft for WW2. Will Bobbitt's sister Lola or Mrs. C. A. Bennett of Linden, Cass, Texas signed the WW2 draft.
Of course he applied for the WW1 draft.
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WW2 1942 draft for 60 year old Will Bobbitt Linden Texas
Did your grandfather serve in WW2 which ended 14 Aug 1945 with the surrender of Japan?
Is there a veterans marker near his tombstone in the Mill Creek Cemetery, Cass County, Texas?
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Will Bobbitt headstone Mill Creek Cemetery Cass County Texas
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Cass County Texas map
I am working on an accounting on where your grandfather Will Bobbitt was from after 1942 to 1947...5 years. After 1942 Will Bobbitt's sister Mrs. Lola Bennett lived in the Shreveport, Caddo County, Louisiana area.
Let us start with these possibilities:
1. With his oldest sister Viola Mae Bobbitt Jordan, wife of Tim W. Jordan in Miller County, Arkansas
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680px Map of Arkansas highlighting Miller County
2. With his youngest sister Lola Mattie Bobbitt Bennett, wife of Charles Asup Bennett in the Shreveport area, Caddo Parish, Caddo, Louisana
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200px Map of Caddo Parish Louisiana with Municipal Labels Shreveport
Note: When one looks at the maps of Cass County, Texas; Miller County, Arkansas; and Shreveport area, Caddo Parish, Caddo, Louisana,
they are in a fairly close radius in vicinity.
The Miller County, Arkansas and Caddo County, Louisana to Cass County, Texas triangle area is a good place for us to look for your grandfather Will Bobbitt.



Hello Steve,
Yes, it is a possibility that your grandfather Will Bobbitt could have been taken to a hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana, even though Linden, Cass, Texas is the county seat and has hospitals.
There are several hospitals in Shreveport which may have been better to take care of a health problem than Linden. We would need to check the 1947 mortality list for a 3 Nov 1947 death.
Thank you for your email which gives direction and the photos.
The town of Lovejoy, Illinois is in Iroquois County south of Chicago and the population is less than 500.
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150px Map of Illinois highlighting Lovejoy Township, Iroquois County
Scott Airforce Base is near Belleville, St. Clair, Illinois, not far from St. Louis. Belleville is the county seat.
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stclair map
stclair county Illinois
As my Dad is from Putnam County, Illinois, we have Illinois maps. I will check into a town that ends in There is a town Joy, Illinois by Bloomington...another location.
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rod bobbitt postcard back of photo
Question for Keith and Eileen: What is the word or name of place at the top of the rod bobbitt postcard back of photo?
Thank you.



Hi Marsha and Keith,
I don't know Illinois at all..... although I was born in Chicago, we left there when I was 2 or 3 years old. The reason that I thought Lovejoy was near Scott AFB was that I googled the name and read that Brooklyn, Illinois, which is in St. Clair county, is also known as Lovejoy Township, or Stites. Is it possible that there are two towns in Illinois that go by the same name? Iroquois county looks to be about an hour away from Chicago, and my mother was from Chicago. Was she in Chicago when he got out of the Air Force or was she with him near Scott Field? Another mystery. I do have the record of my dad's separation from the Air Force, and he did separate from the service at Scott AFB on June 6 , 1945.



Hello Steve and Keith,
Good find Steve. Yes, there are two townships named Lovejoy in Illinois.
Good question: Was your mother in Chicago or near Scott Field?
Let us look into this.
Thank you for your Dad's honorable discharge 6 June 1945, 2 years before your grandfather Will Bobbitt's passing.



Marsha combined Stephen's and Elle's research in this email.

Hello Stephen Bobbitt and Elle Eddy,
Today, Thursday, 21 July 2011 Eileen Sears and Marsha Berry met together from 10 to 11:15 am at Marsha's home to discuss our findings with Elle Eddy's Rogers line and Stephen Bobbitt's grandfather William White Bobbitt's place of death.
Yes, Eileen will help Stephen Bobbitt who is Marsha's and Keith Bobbitt's male DNA proven cousin, with the research. Marsha is including both Elle's and Stephen's lines on this email.
Marsha and Eileen perused the findings in the Salt Lake City Utah Family History Library and the internet and who is family and who is not family and what is true and not true.
We have found more Rogers family for you Elle.
Marsha presented from the internet --
the Fauquier County, Virginia marriage bonds
Found in Fauquier County Loose Papers:
William Metcalfe to Elizabeth Barnett 13 Nov 1784, bondsman George Rogers Junior, his 1st cousin once removed, grandson of John Rogers and Mary Metcalfe [daughter of John Metcalfe and Sibell Farrow]
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SCAN0045 John Rogers and Mary Metcalfe with Mary's parents John Metcalfe and Sibell Farrow
Note: Now we go back one more generation with Mary Metcalfe's parents John Metcalfe and Sibell Farrow.
Eileen presented from the SLC FHL --
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SCAN0046 22 Dec 1794 Will for John Rogers Fauquier Co Virginia
SCAN0047 Goolsberry Rogers and Martha Hoagland Marion Co Indiana Marriage FHL Film 499,367 Item 3
Note: This is the original marriage
Note: Marsha noted we need to be careful we have the correct Rogers family as more than one Rogers family are in the same area.
Marsha gave Eileen 2 family group sheets from the ROGERS for ELLE EDDY gedcom PAF5.2 as Eileen's printer is not working:
1. John Rogers and Mary Metcalfe and children and notes
2. John Rogers 1794 Will and children and notes
Note: County histories with various Rogers from the SLC FHL were reviewed and did not pertain, but we always keep them.
Note: Marsha and Eileen reviewed the emails between Stephen Bobbitt and Marsha to this date 21 July 2011, about finding the death place of Stephen's grandfather William White Bobbitt. We noted the death date of 3 Nov 1947 and burial place is the Mill Creek Cemetery in Cass County, Texas.
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21 July 2011 Meeting Eileen Sears and Marsha Berry for Elle Eddy and Stephen Bobbitt
Note: This attachment has the agenda for research for both Elle and Stephen.
For Elle Eddy:
1. Look for 1773 Wills of Henry Rogers died 19 Aug 1773 in Fauquier County, Virginia
2. Check on Rogers in Abermarle County, Virginia
3. Determine who belongs to Elle's Rogers family from findings
For Stephen Bobbitt:
1. Look for newspaper articles on William White Bobbitt died 3 Nov 1947 in Linden, Cass, Texas and surrounding area including Shreveport where a relative was taken
2. Check hospitals in Linden, Cass, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana for grandfather
3. Check on the 2 Lovejoy Townships in Illinois, one in Iroquois County south of Chicago and one in St. Claire County where Scotts Field is located and where Stephen's Dad was stationed and honorably discharged in June 1945, for where Stephen's mother was living in 1945, 2 years before his grandfather died. Was Stephen's mother in Chicago or Scotts Field?
Important Note: Eileen and her husband will soon be leaving out of town and state and will return after 1 August 2011.
Please read through this email carefully as we have both Elle's and Stephen's lines.
Thank you Elle and Stephen for your assistance. Thank you Eileen for going to the SLC FHL.
Marsha Berry Research