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This is the place we refine, present documentary proof, sort out, and rewrite our Bobbitt family history.


Marsha Berry has researched and documented two Bobbitt lines.  Both lines have been DNA tested and proven.  The first line was her own and it also includes Stephen Bobbitt, Rosser Bobbitt, and Keith Bobbitt.  The second line includes Chird Bobbitt and William Bobbitt.


Marsha Berry

Marsha Berry Research Finds And Records Second Bobbitt Line

The Research Of Chird Bobbitt's Line... An Email History Of Researchers Searching Chird's Line

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Chird Bobbitt's DNA results are different than the others.  Marsha has found the paper trail of Chird's line.


Chird Bobbitt's Line On Rootsweb


Chird Bobbitt's Web Site
There is more information about this line at Chird's "Bobbittville" web site.

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Bruce/Settle/Brown,    Byers,    Bratcher,
     Crabtree,     Eakins,    Handley,     Land,    May,     Milliff,    Rager,    Young,    Zuber

Thanks to Stephen Bobbitt we have a new DNA site at this address...

You may be able to compare DNA results by going to and clicking on the DNA link.
You may also be able to use this link to compare DNA results...

Our surname is Bobbitt but we are not members of the same family.  Today's genealogy requires we have a DNA test for genealogical purposes and that we share and compare our results.   We can not know our pedigree without a DNA test.  Our DNA test results must match our paper trail.  We can't have one without the other.

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Email from Marsha Berry, 6/4/2010

Hello Keith,
I need to send you this information as there may be an Irish Bobbett family looking for this information.
While I was working on Chird Bobbitt's genealogy several days ago I came across an Ireland Bobbett family.
On the Madden Surname web site or
Hi, Maybe I may be able to help you, I am researching my maternal family Bobbett of Co. Meath, Ireland.  I have two Madden ladies married into the Bobbett clan.
Anne Madden married John Bobbett on June 27th 1842.  They had one son William Bobbett and Anne Bobbett nee Madden died 1843/1844, Balbriggin, Co. Dublin.
2.  In 1904 Leonora Madden married Joseph S. Bobbett in St. Mary's Church, Haddington Road, Dublin.  Leonora was youngest daughter of John Madden of Oughterard, Co. Galway.  Joseph and Leonora have living relatives.  Leonora Bobbett nee Madden died Oct. 19th 1942.
If I can be of anymore help please contact me, at
Mary O'Connor
Mary O'Connor
July 14, 2009 04:44AM
I hope this email address is current.  And, I hope the Madden web site opens ok.  Thank you Keith.
Marsha Berry


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Marsha Berry has written a book about her Bobbitt family genealogy.  Marsha's book contains information from William Bebat or Bobet of  Hemley, Suffolk, England, born about 1440.  This book joins Marsha's extensive genealogy library of all other families in her line.



Marsha Berry Research Page

Marsha Berry - Genealogist Page

Marsha Berry Research at Rootsweb

See all of Marsha's Continuing Research
Listed In Chronological Order

Continuing Research, page 1 
Continuing Research, page 2
Continuing Research, page 3
Continuing Research, page 4
Continuing Research, page 5
Continuing Research, page 6

Bobbitt Wills 1500's

Marsha Berry is now researching the time period of Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo and others.

These gentlemen were achieving their distinctions at approximately the same time William Bebat or Bobbet was living in Hemley, Suffolk, England.


Outline Descendant Report for William Bebat
Marsha Berry's Line
Hemley, Suffolk, England

Researchers include Marsha Berry and Eileen Sears


Click this link to see bird's eye views of Hemley

Marsha Berry and husband George are one of the best research teams I have ever known.  The Bobbitt family and other families are very lucky to have found this team.  Associated with this team is Dr. Amy Harris and several of her students.  Eileen Sears is currently researching also.  The Bobbitt family owes all these people a big 'Thank You'.

Email from Marsha Berry to Keith Bobbitt

On Wednesday, 5 April 2006, I heard from Amy Harris and you may share this email with the others:   "Marsha:   Yes, I am just finishing my PhD at UC Berkeley and will graduate in May.  I begin teaching full time at BYU in the fall.  My dissertation was on eighteenth-century English siblings and I read a fair amount of probate documents.  Your Bobbett wills have also reminded me of a job I had while an undergrad at BYU transcribing 14th, 15th, and 16th century wills; it's quite enjoyable.   I leave today, but I have glanced at the wills and they appear pretty straight forward.  I will start on them next week.   Cheers, Amy"


DNA testing is now needed to verify Paper Trails.

Many Bobbitt genealogists have false Paper Trails.

We can not 'adopt' other people's Paper Trails.  If you have adopted another person's Paper Trail, in all likelihood, your trail is false.

If you have found all or part of your family in John W. Bobbitt's book "Bobbitt", it doesn't mean you are a member of that line.  It simply means you have found all or part of your family written in a book.  John's book contains people from more than one Bobbitt line.

You can not substitute William Bobbitt from Suffolk for William Bobbitt of Wales.  Won't work. 


We have found several  Bobbitt immigrant ancestors.  Which one is yours?

John Bobbitt, Germany, Born 1850, Living in Columbus, Ohio in 1880 Census

Freakk Bobbit, Germany, Born 1813, Living in Franklin, Ohio in 1850 Census

Albert Bobbett, Germany, Ship arrival date 27 October 1906

Barbara Bobbit, Germany, Widowed in 1880, New Albany, Indiana

Louisa M. Bobbet, Germany, Born 1862, Deer Park, Maryland, Husband's name Henry.

E.P. Bobbitt, Ship arrival 07 Jul 1901 from Rio de Janerio in New York.

Dorothy Bobbit, Born in Germany 1814, Residence Franklin, Ohio 1850 Census.


Four immigrants from England found by Marsha Berry...

William Bobbett - Marsha's immigrant ancestor.

William Bobett - indentured April 8, 1674.

James Bobitt - indentured April 1701.

James Bobbitt - indentured May 1706.


Marsha Berry's Bobbitt Line is DNA Tested, paper proven and sourced From 15th Century Hemley, Suffolk, England to 21st Century America.


Marsha Berry's Genealogy Reports, Sources, Maps, Pictures, Research

Genealogy Research Communication Musts Clarifications by Marsha Berry - New



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