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  George Denver Holmes


I have since found the correct information on George Denver Holmes military service.  He served in the 76th Infantry Division as a 2 1/2 Jimmy ton driver of the 302nd Field Artillery Battalion.  I am still trying to find a picture of him from a Veteran with no luck.  Can we correct the inquiry I posted?

 Thanks!     Connie Robanske     Kennewick, WA

Do you have any photo's or stories from the WWII era dealing with Gera, Germany in April 14, 1945-July 1, 1945 with the Army, Blue Ridge division, combat team 319, 3rd battalion.  I'm trying to find a picture of George Denver Holmes, private technician 5 who is now deceased.  I'm trying to find living people that may hold such a group picture or memories or who knew him and have a photo.

Any information would be helpful.

Thank you, Connie Robanske,  Kennewick, WA

Connie, I have your email address.  If I hear or see anything about George, etc., I'll let you know.  Thank you for the photo.  Click here to see a photo of George D. Holmes


  Harvey Elrod

Harvey Elrod died December 26, 2001. He was in WWII as a soldier and supply sergeant. He considered his time as his duty and had a great deal of pride in our country. We were blessed by his service. He was born Harvey McDaniel May 3, 1915 and was adopted by the Elrod family.  

Email from Anne Whiteman, proud daughter -- September 25, 2003


Bill Overholtzer

We received an email from Bill on September 25, 2003.   Bill said, "I was part of B company - 321st reg. - 81st infantry division. We were in the Pacific area in 1944 - 45."

Thank You for your email Bill.  All of us appreciate what you and all the other fine men did for our country.



Wiley Collett

I was on your website about world war 2 and you said if anyone had anyone that was in that war and wanted information about them for them to email you .Well my granddaddy was in the war and i can not find anything about him on any of the sites could you please check and see if you have anything on a Wiley Collett please it would be so great to honor him in the way that he should and could you please check and see if you happen to have a picture of him so that i could show my children.

Frankie Williams



Emil F. Naschinski 

served four years in the United States Marine Corps.  He was sworn in on November 4, 1941 in Chicago, IL.  During the course of his service, he was assigned to VMD-254, VMD-154, VMD-954, and worked with VMD 354, all aerial photographic reconnaissance squadrons.   In 1941, he did his basic training in San Diego.  From February to June 1942, he spent four months at the Naval School of Photography in Pensacola, FL.  In August and September 1942, he trained at Fairchild Aviation for camera assembly and repair.  By mid-October 1942, he left San Francisco with Squadron VMD-154 of the First Marine Aircraft Wing.  Emil served for fourteen months in the South Pacific where he was stationed at Camp Elrod on Espiritu Santo Island, New Hebrides.  He returned to the states Dec. 16, 1943 after completing 52 aerial reconnaissance missions.  From 1944 to 1945 he was based at the following locations:  NAS North Island, San Diego, CA; with VMD-954 at MCAS Cherry Point, NC and Greenville, NC ; and MCAS Turner Field in Quantico, VA where he taught Gun Site Aiming Point Cameras (GSAPC) to pilots.  He received honorable discharge Nov. 21, 1945.

Information from The Monaghans  


 I was wondering if you may help me, I don't know much about my grandfather he died at a young age ( illness not in the war). I want to learn more about him. The only info I have about him is the writing on his tombstone it reads....
Hervey Saucier Sec 5
19T FLD Arty Bn
30 Div
Feb 5, 1908 - Sept. 18,1948 He was born in and resided in Fall River, Mass.  Can you tell me where I might get info about his military experience, and if you know does the military keep photos of soldiers on record?   I believe he served in Mass.  but may also have served in Rhode Island. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Michelle



Thought I'd let you know about William Brown Bobbitt,
Jr., who was in the Army during WWII. He went ashore,
I think Utah Beach (will verify), broke his leg, and was
evacuated out.
William Brown Bobbitt, Jr., was my uncle and went on
to become a Methodist Minister. He died of a massive
heart attack.
I will send you birth/death info later, as well.
Jacqueline O. Chaplin

My father, Donald R. Reavley, was in the 2nd Marine Division; in Saipan
1944-45. I have lots of pictures but most don't have names on them. I
would like to contribute to your website.
Kris Murray


My husband, Thaine Plunk, was in WWII. He was with the 78th Engineers Bt. and spent most of his time in Germany.
We were married Nov. 30th, l942, and have made it for nearly 60 years together.
My mother was Vina Bobbitt, daughter of Perry & Zepha Bobbitt. She married Athel Chinn.

Dora Lea (Chinn) Plunk

My wife's uncle (a Bobbitt descendant from Pittsylvania County, VA) was in W.W.II. 

He is Newton Harvey Moyer, USMC.  He was in the battle for Iwo Jima and was in the occupation forces in Japan.  He now lives in Hagerstown, MD.  We can furnish more info if needed    

Tom & Jenny Moffitt,  Bushnell, FL.

My father Edgar Clair Allen served in the army at the end of the war. He went to OCS  (ninety day wonder?) and came out as a sergeant. He received a field promotion to 2nd Lt. and was part of troop movement loading soldiers and their belongings on board ships coming home. A pack of
cigarettes or a pair of nylons got you almost anything you wanted. Lucky for us, all of his overseas service was after the war. If you need more info please let me know.
Tom Allen

 Lamar V. Bobbitt was assigned to the "USS Oneida" an attack transport based at San Francisco.  

Period of Active Duty: From 8-5-42 to 11-8-45

Rank: Chief Pharmacist's Mate

Calvin Kyle Bobbitt

My Family History Of WWII

by Keith Bobbitt



5th Infantry Division --1

5th Infantry Division --2

 Horace Franklin Neel, son of Mattie Bobbitt Neel,   was in the Army during War II. 

He was stationed in New Guinea and wounded but I do not know what part of the service or his rank. 

I don't know where to find this out either. He is the only one I know of that served from our Bobbitt family.


 B. Burnett


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