The Bobbitt Family In America

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From the James Bobbitt Bible and from the census records we have the following dates of birth for the children who lived to maturity.

James Bobbitt    1782 

John Bobbitt     1789 

Miles Bobbitt    1792 

Lewis Bobbitt    1794

Elizabeth Bobbitt       1795

Rebecca Bobbitt        1796


Marriages for some of the children were recorded in Warren County, North Carolina.

James Bobbitt            Married Mary Gunn Feb. 10, 1809

Miles Bobbitt       (1)Married Susan Gunn (first) Oct. 19, 1814 

Miles Bobbitt       (2)Married Martha Davis (second) Jan. 1, 1827 

Lewis Bobbitt            Married Dicey Duke .... .. 1815

Rebecca Bobbitt        Married Hilleary Capps Oct. 10, 1811 

John Bobbitt             Married Nancy Huse (Hughes) ... .. 1808 

Elizabeth Bobbitt      Married ... .. ....

After the death of Lewis Bobbitt Junior, James and Lewis migrated to Rutherford County, Tennessee, where they joined their brother John. Miles remained in North Carolina, as did the daughters and their families. We believe that Mary Bobbitt moved to Tennessee to be with her sons and their families and that she died in Gibson County.

The Bobbitt limeage of Lewis Bobbitt Junior is:

William Bobbitt from Wales 1645 - 1703 Joanna Sturdivant 

William Bobbitt Junior             1675 - 1738 Mary Green 

Lewis Bobbitt Senior               1704 - 1769 Elizabeth Moore 

Lewis Bobbitt Junior                1742 - 1818 Mary Person


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