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Warning... the remainder of this site has pedigrees that people sent in to be published before we knew there was no William Bobbitt from Wales.   Some of the pedigrees and other information were sent in before 1995.  Use your very good judgement while studying these pedigrees. -- Keith Bobbitt



The Bobbitt Family In America

researched and written by

John W. Bobbitt

Published in 1985


From:  The Bobbitt Family Reunion Newsletter

"Where cousins meet cousins and become friends"

Reunion  Usually In July

Pipestem Resort State Park, WV

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"Re-teaching the past is three times as difficult the second time around." -- Anonymous

There are no Bobbitt (or variant spellings) immigrants from Wales in the 1600's.  Any reference to a 'William Bobbitt of Wales' found in Bobbitt genealogy books is false information.  The "1500's to 1900's All Bobbitt and Variations Burial Index England and Wales" is the proof.  This document lists all Bobbitts buried in England and Wales from 1500 to 1900.  There are no parents of a William Bobbitt buried in Wales.   We have many pedigrees posted on this site that does list a William of Wales.  These pedigrees were posted before research proved otherwise.  If you have pedigrees posted on the web with a William of Wales, please do what you can to help the family correct it. -- Keith Bobbitt

"There are Bobbitt spelled in variations in Cambridgeshire, Cardiff, Dorset, Essex, Kent, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk, Salop or Shropshire, Somerset, Suffolk, Warwickshire, and Yorkshire but there is no Bobbitt family only a Bobith family buried in Wales in the 1500's to 1700's but there are Bobbitts buried in Wales in the late 1800's and 1900's." - - Marsha Berry


My William Bobbitt - Immigrant did not marry a Sturdivant. According to the Sturdivant family website, no Sturdivant ever married a Bobbitt. John W. Bobbitt's book has a Bobbitt - Sturdivant marriage. That information is wrong.  John Sturdivant and Sarah Hallom had 5 sons... no daughters.  This has been known for several years.  Here is a link to the Sturdivant Family Web Site. -- Keith Bobbitt, July 21, 2009.


Not all Bobbitts have the same immigrant ancestor.  Only DNA testing will sort out the different Bobbitt lines found in America and around the world.

Warning... the remainder of this site has pedigrees that people sent in to be published before we knew there was no William Bobbitt from Wales. Most of the pedigrees starting with the three sons of our immigrant ancestor are correct.  Some of the pedigrees, etc. were sent in before 1995.  Some of the people who sent in pedigrees are dead now.  Use your very good judgement while studying these pedigrees. -- Keith Bobbitt


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 Find A Grave 

Calvin Kyle Bobbitt, Katheryn Beaudry, and others have accomplished and contributed much Bobbitt information to the Find A Grave website.  All of us should contribute.


None of the following pedigrees have been DNA tested.

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This web site started in 1983 as a BBS with tons of help from Gary Barr and Brian Bobbitt.  My name is Keith Bobbitt and everyone is welcome to peruse this site.  There are no copyright restrictions.

Marsha Berry Research has discovered Bobbitt immigrant ancestors from England.
Other researchers have discovered Bobbitt immigrant ancestors from Germany.
Immigrant Ancestors To America Who Emigrated From France 
Complete List Of Immigrant Ancestors
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Research undertaken since March 2009 is based on the

"1500's to 1900's All Bobbitt and Variations Burial Index England and Wales"


There are several different Bobbitt genealogical lines around the world.

One of our goals is to compare DNA test results and paper trails to help distinguish the different family lines. 

Everyone's help is needed and greatly appreciated. 


Bobbitt Family Genealogists

"The Bobbitt Family In America" by John W. Bobbitt

"Our Bobbitt Family" by Allen Wade Mount, Sr.

William Bobbitt Family by Marvin P. Beatty

Bobbitt Cemetery Books  by Max Lincoln Bobbitt

My Genealogy Home Page by Max Lincoln Bobbitt

Max Lincoln Bobbitt Picture Album

Genealogy Reports by Max Lincoln Bobbitt

Martilla Bobbitt Stockton Glover by Laurie Voss Barthlow


This is the line that goes back to Hemley, Suffolk, England.
There are other Bobbitt lines in America and around the world.
This is the best completely resourced material  as I have seen anywhere.

Marsha Berry Research @ Rootsweb

Keith Bobbitt Line At Rootsweb


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Chird Bobbitt's Bobbittville Web Site


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Bobbitt Family Genealogy Forum

Bobbitt - Family History & Genealogy Message Board


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A quote from "The Bobbitt Family In America" by John W. Bobbitt.  "It is a project without end.  Life goes on, history is made every day.  It is the task of each member of our family to correct, preserve, restore, and make available to future generations all that is worth knowing about our past." -- John W. Bobbitt - 1985

Please copy and save information you want from this site. 


The following statements have been proven true both with paper sources and/or DNA testing.  These statements are not listed in any particular order.

Not all Bobbitts in England are from the same family.

Not all Bobbitts in America are descended from the same immigrant ancestor.

There is more than one Bobbitt family line in America.

Bobbitts in America are not all from the same line.

New generations have been added to the top of one of our family trees.

New 15th (1600s) and 16th (1700s) century Bobbitt immigrant ancestors to America have been found.

Prior to 2005 and to the present day, no sources have been found that proves an immigrant named William Bobbitt came from Wales in the 1600s.

Results of Sturdivant family DNA results show no Bobbitt ever in their family.

It is verified Isham Drury Bobbitt, Junior's ancestors came from eastern England in Suffolk County.

Burial of William Bobbet and his wife Elizabeth Bobbet was on the south side of Jones Hole Swamp, south of today's Carson, Surry County, Virginia, which is south of Templeton, Prince George County, Virginia. They were not buried in Ferry Chapel South of Petersburg, Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia.

Your family tree MAY NOT BE THE SAME as those you will find on this web site.

Most Bobbitt pedigrees you find on the Internet will list a William Bobbitt from Wales.  This is probably not true.  There are no sources that support this.


New Discoveries - The Bobbitt Family In Early America
-- Research by Marsha Berry
November 20, 2007 --
December 3, 2007  -- Stop The Presses!  MORE indentured Bobbitt immigrants found by Marsha Berry.  One each in 1701, 1706
Click here to read about new discoveries concerning our family in early America 

This is proof there were other Bobbitt immigrant ancestors from England.  We need to find the descendant lines of these other immigrants.


No Bobbitt Or Variations From Wales

Click Here To Read This File In .PDF Format

  This is documentation that proves no Bobbitt/Bobbet or variations thereof were buried in Wales until the late1800's to 1900's.

 "There are Bobbitt/Bobbet variation spellings in Cambridgeshire, Cardiff, Dorset, Essex, Kent, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk, Salop or Shropshire, Somerset, Suffolk, Warwickshire, and Yorkshire, but there is no Bobbitt/Bobbet or variations family buried in Wales in the 1500's to 1700's, but there is a Bobith family buried in Wales in the late 1800's to 1900's." - - Marsha Berry

If William Bobbitt - The Immigrant came from Wales, certainly his parents or some family member(s) would have been buried there.  I have yet to see any proven evidence that a William Bobbitt or variant spelling came from Wales in the 1600's. - - Keith Bobbitt


Information we have read about for years in books and on the web is being scrutinized and researched more closely.
Some information is true and some is false - Click here to read about it.
Research by Marsha and George R. Berry
Research by Dr. Amy Harris


Cemeteries, Graveyards, and Tombstones


Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941

Lest We Forget - Historical and Informational Page of September 11, 2001


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The Bobbitt Family Reunion - West Virginia

Pipestem Resort State Park

"Where Cousins Meet Cousins and Become Friends"

Future Reunion dates can be found in "The Bobbitt Family Reunion Newsletter"

Click here to see an old Reunion Photo - Date: August 14-15, 1954.  Place: Camp Caesar, Webster County, WV

Bobbitts Linked To Bobbet, Bobbett, Babbitt and various other spellings.


Previous to 1992 and from 1992 until today, Bobbitt family genealogists have searched for Bobbitts in Wales to find ancestors of our immigrant William Bobbitt "of Wales".  None have been found.

Our family has been blessed with two authors of Bobbitt genealogy books the likes of which will probably never be seen again.  The amount of information found in the books written by Allen Wade Mount, Sr. and John William Bobbitt is very impressive and extremely useful to those of us trying to find and extend our family roots.  Both authors did what they could to lead us to our early ancestors. 

"Trips to Wales were made and letters were written but no information was found on the name Bobbitt or it's variants.  Glamorganshire was the primary center of the 'cross the pond' Bobbitt research. John William Bobbitt, his sister, and a cousin went there several years ago and met some Bobbitts in the area." --  Newsletter Producer/Historian Julie Bobbitt Vass  John hired a professional genealogist to do further research to no avail.

There is no documentation that proves William, our immigrant ancestor in America, was from Wales.  More recently,  Bobbitt  family  genealogists  have researched  documents  that  prove  William  lived  in  another  area  of the British Isles.

Marsha Berry, a Bobbitt family genealogist, published new information on her Rootsweb site that proved William, his father Willm, grandfather John, and great grandfather William were christened in churches located in Suffolk, England.

Marsha and her family knew nothing about books written by Allen Wade Mount and John W. Bobbitt.  Our family history would have been much more accurate if these authors had contacted Marsha's family prior to publishing their books.

Pictures From The PhotosCenter

Uploaded By Bobbitt Family Members In 2005

Pictures saved from our other family web site

(Beautiful Old and New Family Photos)

Information Of Interest

The Bobbett Family In England - Bill Norman

Early 1970's Research Of The Bobbitt Family Book by John W. Bobbitt  

Synopsis Of Bobbitt Family History, Early History Of The Bobbitt Family, Letters, Sources, Excerpts From Deeds

The Northern Branch In America - The Babbitt Family


Immigration Routes From North Carolina To Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana

North Carolina Routes

Orange County, Indiana Pictures


William Bobbet, Our Southern Immigrant Ancestor Married Joanna Sturdivant?

Extensive List Of Names And Links In 'The Bobbitt Bible'

 Ancestry Charts And Genealogy Reports


Family Search

Microfilming of Parish Registers by the LDS (Mormon) Church

Most of the Parish Registers for England have been microfilmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Consequently, the LDS church has become a tremendous research tool for genealogists and the microfilm copies of Parish Registers may be ordered from any branch Family History Library of the LDS church.

It's important that the record you find in your search is from the International Genealogical Index and that under "Messages"  the words Extracted birth or christening record for the locality listed in the record are present.

The word 'extracted' tells us the information was copied from original records.

If the word 'extracted' is absent from "Messages",  it means the record was sent in by 'anyone' and is not necessarily valid or true.


From England - The National Archives

Records of the UK government from Doomsday to the present.


Find A Grave

The Bobbitt Family In Orange County, Indiana

Cousin Connect Queries

Rootsweb WorldConnect Search

Jefferson - Bobbitt Bible

"Interest in this work passes from one family member to another. Just as in the past, several members of the family had some fragments, some interesting information, some documentary proof, someone in our future will sort out, rewrite, and become the centralized depository for our Bobbitt family history."  --  John W. Bobbitt

I want to thank everyone who has contributed information and photos to this and other Bobbitt Family web sites.  The information you see on this site was contributed by family members interested in expanding the base of family knowledge.    -- Keith Bobbitt 

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